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The Meta Unicorn - Diana Invoke

The Meta Unicorn - Diana Invoke


A Pre Note

I am not a top-100 player, as given the inevitable RNG of effects, matchups and draws in card games, and the lack of rewards for ranking up in LoR, I simply don't see the point in painstakingly grinding up to such a level. The highest I've climbed is low Diamond, but considering the above knowledge, I believe that at a certain skill level (perhaps at around Platinum), it's more about how much time one can put in than how skilled they are. HOWEVER, considering all this, I have the absolute conviction that this deck is a top-100 worthy deck.


This is the only deck that I've played since Day 1 of Call of the Mountain, with various modifications, and I believe that it is a completely undiscovered meta unicorn. I've never faced a similar deck on ladder, and my deckbuilding experiments with any other archtypes have left me completely unsatisfied with the lack of interaction and agency, as well as the sheer counterability of the vast majority of tools currently out there.
A lot of people are frustrated with the current meta - a lot of points of which are covered by BruisedByGod in his recent video critique. To summarize his main points:
  1. Most answers are completely outclassed by threats
  2. Sheer lack of healing options locks out deckbuilding choices
  3. Most top-tier strategies prey on lack of interactivity (Pirate Burn, Lee Sin OTK, Star Spring)
This is a Control deck which, while originally devised to prey on the inevitably popular Aurelion Sol and Troll Chant and abuse the broken, flexible toolbox of Invoke on Day 1, also manages to both answer all 3 of these problems efficiently.

Card Choices

Early Tempo/Nightfall

Simply the best available early-game that an Invoke Targon deck could hope to muster - Diana functioning as both early game and late-game removal (we have just enough Nightfall Synergy) for practically no investment, Pale Cascade being legitimately one of the most broken cards currently in the game, and the ping cards also serving a modicum of uses at all stages of a match.
Spacey Sketcher has been severely underrated so far - providing critical tools for certain matchups and/or providing early game minions without needing to actually run them (a fundamental weakness of faster decks top-decking late). Its 'discard-replace' synergy with our late-game, as well as Duskpetal Dust and meta-call flex cards is just icing on the cake.
Finally, note how every early game card I've chosen scales well and still plays a role as the game goes later; as removal, Elusive blocking, tool-building, Burst-speed Nightfall, pings and cantrip Combat Tricks. This is an often overlooked but fundamental difference between Control early-drops, and aggro early-drops (such as Precious Pet).


These two cards, combined with any generated Obliterates, form the only proper removal this deck has - and were the catalyst for me creating this deck in the first place. All three of these removal types leave almost NO room for the opponent to interact with them, and I believe that is the sole condition for a high-cost removal spell to be playable in the current game state.
NOTE: Ruination is easily and always played around at a high-level of play - and leaves the opponent with ALL of the agency/choice to play around it/bait it exactly how they wish, instead of you (whose only options are to play the card too early and get out-tempo'd afterward, use more than 3 mana elsewhere to catch-up at which point it becomes unplayable, or lose the game to a sudden-attack completely at your opponent's discretion) - the ultimate NO-NO for this deck: I never even considered putting it in.

Meta Call Flex Spots

At times I feel as if this card could be cut to 1 copy, but right now 2 feels great against the current meta, and drawing into at least one is almost necessary in order to compete with Star Spring (Obliterate is conditional and too great a tempo loss early on). In other metas previously, I've experimented with 1 copy of Passage Unearned, as well as 2 extra copies of Lunari Shadestalker.

Literally Everything Else One Could Ever Hope to Need

I still believe that Invoke is one of the most broken mechanics currently in the game. This is one of the heaviest late-game decks I can possibly imaginable, yet the only cards above 5-mana we run are removal, and our mid-game minions and healing straight up provide whatever early OR late-game tools we might possibly need in any matchup - it's simply overly flexible (flexilibity in card games being a MUCH bigger deal than most people give it credit for) and not enough of a tempo/stat sacrifice IMO. I think that Invoke as a mechanic is even stronger when ran in bulk, and especially in a Control deck - as the game goes on slowly you generate a toolbox that can handle just about any dynamic situation that meta decks can throw your way.
The spell-mana nerf to Living Legends has balanced it out quite a bit, however the same-nerf to Cosmic Inspiration still hasn't convinced me that it isn't in the top 5 least healthy effects that a game based on carefully stat-balanced of minion trading could ever have (hit me up with your Cosmic Inspiration hate!) - a large proportion our games are won by this disgusting effect.
Solari Priestess and Starshaping need no introduction as some of the most popular, utilitarian Invoke cards, however Mountain Scryer and Moondreamer (not so much Lunari Priestess) really put in the work, and I've never seen anyone else play these cards. The former provides crazy mana-advantage as the game goes on given our huge focus on Celestials (it's a shame we can't afford to push its Invoke chances even higher), and the latter has juuussst the right stat distribution at 3/5 to blockade most midgame tempo plays out opponent might go for.
NOTE: Aurelion Sol is straight up unnecessary to compete late-game, is always burdensome and clunky draw, ruins our surprise factor (though that doesn't exist anymore with this post being made), and we often outvalue decks running him anyway (don't forget that the original premise of this deck was 'How can I best remove Aurelion?').

Matchups/Strategy (Order Based on Mobalytics Tier List)

Lee Sin (60/40)

A somewhat favored matchup - although more recent lists that have cut Bastion in favor of Nopify may be a bit more in their favor (a proper Ping Counter). Hard mulligan for Spacey Sketcher, Sunburst and our pings. Generating Silence (Equinox) for Mentor of the Stones/Zenith Blade is our main early game goal. Our Mid-to-Late game goal is removing all 3 Lee Sin's at the expense of practically everything else (the rest of their deck is pretty much completely irrelevant, but rushing them down is also pretty much impossible) - after which our win is basically guaranteed.

Swain/TF (80/20)

I believe that we are very, very heavily favored if played properly (although it's a VERY nuanced matchup to play right), and most of our losses come from bricking our early-game draws and/or not drawing/generating a single Starshaping/Golden Sister as their burn damage inevitably builds up. Hard mulligan for all 1/2 cost cards (only keep 1 Pale Cascade with a 1/2 cost minion).

Pirate Aggro (55/45)

We are much more prone to bricking on draws here than Swain/TF, as we need quite a specific hand to deal with their onslaught - This is probably our most draw-dependent, low-agency matchup by far - as face-deck matchups tend to be. In addition - Captain Farron is much more effective against our removal strategy than the likes of Leviathan. Nonetheless, from my experience I think that we're still every-slightly-so favored in this matchup - often winning by the skin of our teeth. Starshaping/Golden Sister are mandatory late-game, and not bricking by not drawing/generating either is also basically a loss. Hard mulligan for all 1/2 drops, and keep a single Sunburst for Gangplank if your hand is already looking great.

Warmother's (25/75)

A very unfavored and binary matchup (see below as to why) that has luckily become rarer recently. Mulligan for Removal/Invoke cards.

Trundle/Asol (75/25)

This deck was basically created on Day 1 specifically to destroy Trundle/Asol. Sadly though, even at 75/25 the matchup is worse than it should be due to the nature of Invoke RNG - if one player draws into Cosmic Inspiration and the other didn't the match is over, full stop + the occasional shenanigans involving The Great Beyond uninteractibly going face and non-stop Living Legends value. Mulligan for Sunburst, Vengeance and pings.

Discard Aggro (80/20)

I don't know why this deck is considered competitive - maybe because our matchup here is basically as favored as TF/Swain except without any gameplay nuance required on our part. Mulligan for 1-2 drops. Keep Solari Priestess/Sunburst if hand is good. Only necessary statistical losses to bad early draws against an aggro archtype.

Fiora/Shen (70/30)

Another draw dependent, but quite favored matchup. Quite difficult to play though - you need to balance maintaining some modicum of tempo whilst also being able to deal with their crucial threats. Mulligan for 1-2 drops ESPECIALLY Pale Cascade/Pings, and Removal.

Scouts (60/40)

Basically the Pirate Aggro matchup but a tad bit slower and with no burn - giving you more leeway to make up for bad draws both early and late.

Leona/Lux (80/20)

Basically the Trundle/Asol matchup except with no 'must remove ASAP' threats giving you more leeway to make up for bad draws. Celestial RNG and especially Cosmic Inspiration still give them a chance to win as usual.

Shyvana Dragons (50/50?)

I surprisingly, haven't faced too much of this deck yet personally, but looking at it's cards compared to ours, I think the matchup would be about 50/50 (an otherwise favourable looking matchup affected a bit by their high tempo removal and guaranteed Cosmic Inspiration in the form of Kadregrin).

Ashe/Sejuani (70/30)

This matchup is dependent on whether we draw removal for Ashe somewhat on curve, how much tempo they manage to build early on and whether we draw good enough to afford to play around Reckoning. Mulligan for Sunburst, Solari Priestess, Pings and Diana (only if you've already drawn support) as our other standard early drops are all pretty ineffective against theirs.

Endure (85/15)

Probably our most favored meta-deck matchup, and unfortunately rarer recently. Their win conditions - Kalista, Blighted Caretaker tempo, Neverglade Collector and They Who Endure simply don't stand a chance against our toolbox. Most losses come from unanswered Blighted Caretaker tempo. Mulligan for Spacey Sketcher, Sunburst and Pale Cascade.

Deep (0/100)

The biggest downside and sheer impossible matchup of this archtype. Maokai manages to pack even less interactivity/inevitability than we do, and the nature of our deck gives us no chance of out-tempoing Deep early OR late. Auto-concede.

Diana/Nocturne (75/25)

A simpler aggro matchup than the others. Mulligan for 1-2 drops - especially Spacey Sketcher and Diana, as well as Sunburst.

Tahm-Kench/Soraka (70/30?)

Another matchup that I haven't faced too much of just yet. Mulligan hard for Divergent Paths and Solari Priestess - Once we remove their uninteractive element trump-card in the Landmark win-condition, if we can survive their early tempo, the rest of the match should be a cinch given our heal/health-ignoring conditionless removal for their Champions.


Thanks for reading up to this point, and pardon my formatting, the ridiculous length and the sheer pomposity of it all.
I still think Invoke is flexible to the point of being broken and the only reason the matchup spread is so good. I also think that with the release of this guide - more people will come to recognise this archtype and the element of surprise affecting enemy mulligans against an assumed more aggro, Nightfall-focused Diana archtype will be lost. People will also know to play around less common cards such as Sunburst, and I expect winrates to fall somewhat across the board.
To conclude this guide, I'd like to say that this is this is not a healthy deck. At the deepest level, this deck is fundamentally about removing agency from your opponent and giving it to yourself, as well as securing the critical boon of having inevitability over your opponent in a game with the nature of LoR. If all decks were like this, LoR would completely cease to be fun.
What else do I think is unhealthy right now? - Simple: anything removing interactivity from your opponent - ESPECIALLY as a win condition; Maokai, Star Spring, Cosmic Inspiration, Lee Sin. The avenues through which these cards can be interacted with are way too limited right now.
A lot of the metagame nowadays is about having an uninteractable win condition, or focusing damage to face so fast the opponent has no chance to react - another form of non-interactivity. Here's hoping that the meta in the near future heads back in the direction of the close but fair midrange board battles we all came to love back in vanilla LoR.
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Relic ideas, free to use, updated

Absent-Minded Zonk (boss) 🤓 +1 energy, starting a combat vs two opponents, enemies gain the +50% damage Surrounded buff
Adrenaline Junkie (boss) 🪂 Add 10 Adrenaline cards to your deck; make one innate; take 9 damage if you play 3 in a turn
Adventurer's Map (boss) 🗺️ +1 energy, when starting each new act, you must select your full path to the boss in advance
Angel Wings (boss) 👼 Add an upgraded Apotheosis card to your deck; make it innate
Ascender's Madness (boss) 🥴 Offer unlimited choice of four upgraded cards to add to your deck til you click skip to stop;
-^------------^--------^------ For every fifth card added to your deck, also add an Ascender's Bane curse to your deck
Bankster's Greed (boss) 🏦 Upon pickup, permanently add an upgraded Hand of Greed card into your deck; make it innate;
-^------------^--------^------ At the start of each turn, shuffle an upgraded Hand of Greed card into your draw pile;
-^------------^--------^------ Up to once per turn when you play a Hand of Greed card, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card
-^------------^--------^------ Once per battle, if Hand of Greed deals 0 damage blocked, take 5 damage and replay the card
Become Like Water (boss) 🌊 [2.0 Required] Start with a Miracle in your hand; Watcher cards & relics unlocked as rewards
-^------------^--------^------ Every 2nd turn, shuffle a Miracle into your draw pile; play two Miracles in a turn, take 5 HP
Bell's Surprise (boss) 🎊 [2.0 Required] Choose a number between 3 to 12: gain both that many random relics and curses;
-^------------^--------^------ The first curse you receive will always be Curse of the Bell (which cannot be removed)
Berserker's Rage (boss) 🐻 Gain 1 Strength and heal 1 HP every time you take damage, Strength lasts until end of combat
-^------------^--------^------ Permanently add a Pain curse card to your deck; when you draw Pain, draw 2 additional cards
Binary Stars (boss) ♊ Upon pickup, duplicate all non-curse cards in your deck (maximum four copies of each card)
-^------------^--------^------ Once per turn, when you play two copies of the same card, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card
Bleeding Deck (boss) 🎴 (Right-click) to draw one card by sacrificing 1 HP; may not be used when at less than 10 HP
Blood Mage (boss) 🔴 [Requires Necromancer] When you kill an enemy, heal 2 HP and gain 2 temporary HP
-^------------^--------^------ When you play a card that exceeds your energy, instead use HP = energy cost; X cards cost 3;
-^------------^--------^------ Unlock Necromancer cards and relics in future rewards and shops
Blue Blood (boss) 💧 +1 energy, heal 3 HP per floor, lose 1 HP every time you end your turn
Blue Heart (boss) 💙 +1 energy, start combat with 3 temporary HP, lose 1 HP every time you end your turn
Booster Pack (boss) 🃴 Choose 10 upgraded cards from a stack of 30 of to permanently add to your deck
Boss Bowtie (boss) ⋈ Upon pickup, acquire two random non-boss class-specific relics from another chosen character;
-^------------^--------^------ Unlocks all cards and relics in future combat rewards and shops from that chosen character
Boss Hunter (boss) 🕴️ +1 energy, fight an extra random boss from a lower floor at the end of each Act
Bottled Galaxy (boss) 🌌 Choose a card; that card is upgraded, becomes Innate and costs 1 less energy to play
-^------------^--------^------ When you play any copies of that card, shuffle a copy of that card into your draw pile
Bricks for the Wall (boss) 🧱 Gain +1 orb slot and +1 Focus; upon pickup, add an upgraded Buffer card to your deck;
-^------------^--------^------ If you start your turn with no Buffers, gain 1 Buffer; unlock Defect cards and relics;
Broken Shuffler (boss) 🗃️ +1 energy, permanently add a curse to your deck each time you shuffle your deck
Buddha's Patience (boss) 🧘 At the start of your turn, gain energy equal to half the turn count, round down
Burnout Fist (boss) 👊 Start combat with +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity and +5 Focus in the first round of combat
-^------------^--------^------ Reduce benefits to +3 in the second round; to +1 benefits in the third round; -1 afterwards
Card Magnet (boss) 🧲 +1 energy, any non-status cards gained during combats are added to your deck permanently
-^------------^--------^------ (1/battle, right-click) Permanently remove all cards in hand, lose 1 HP per card removed
Casting Couch (boss) 🛋️ +1 energy, add three copies of the Sloth curse to your deck
Chaos Beast Statue (boss) 🦏 +1 potion slot; Gain an Entropic Brew at the end of combat; heal 1 HP when using a potion
Chaos Hexagon (boss) ⬡ +1 energy, exhaust cards you play or discard; end turn add 6 random cards to the discard pile
Clashed Swords (boss) ⚔️ Attack cards that cost 2+ cost 1 less, take 1 damage if you end turn not playing an attack
Clockwork Engine (boss) ⚙️ Start each combat with one artifact; at the end of each turn, gain one artifact
Clockwork Maid (boss) 💁 Entering a rest site: heal as if rested, upgrade a card, transform a card and gain a relic
Covalent Hexagon (boss) ⌬ +1 energy when starting your turn at full health; start combat with regeneration 6
Crippling Carousel (boss) 🎠 At the start of combat, all enemies lose 1 Strength; (this doesn't trigger the next effect)
-^------------^--------^------ Each time an enemy gains another buff or debuff other than Strength, they lose 1 Strength
-^------------^--------^------ [Turns of a buff/debuff don't count, only individual buffs/debuffs trigger Strength loss]
-^------------^--------^------ [A buff/debuff whose turns expire and is then reapplied again triggers the Strength loss]
Crushed Heart (boss) 💔 +1 energy, +1 card draw, a random enemy gains 1 Beat of Death at the start of combat
-^------------^--------^------ (Beat of Death = you take 1 damage after each card played, you can block this damage)
Cthulhu's Tentacle (boss) 🦑 The first Skill or Power played each turn that costs 2 or more energy is played twice;
-^------------^--------^------ Add a copy of the Necronomicurse to your deck (the curse can't be removed)
Cursed Bell (boss) 🛎 +1 energy, permanently add the Curse of the Bell card to your deck
Cursed Heart (boss) 💜 +2 energy, if you end your turn with 0 energy, permanently add a random curse to your deck
Cursed Nails (boss) 💅 +1 energy, every 5 battles, bonus card reward as unskippable choice of three Curses
Dark Side of the Moon (boss) 🌑 +1 energy, +1 draw; select any five of these ten curses to add to your deck:
-^------------^--------^------ [Clumsy, Decay, Doubt, Injury, Normality, Pain, Parasite, Regret, Shame, Writhe]
Daydream Deck (boss) ⛅ Upon pickup, unlock all Defect cards and relics in shops and combat rewards
-^------------^--------^------ At the start of combat, gain +1 Focus, +1 Orb Slot & +1 random channeled orb per ...
-^------------^--------^------ ... 20 cards in your deck, round up; future card rewards will contain an extra Defect card
Debtor's Note (boss) 📕 [Requires Replay the Spire] +1 energy; upon pickup, add 5 I.O.U. curse cards to your deck
-^------------^--------^------ When you spend 100 gold to purge an I.O.U. curse, gain 1 energy and draw 3 cards
Demilich Skull (boss) 💀 Gain 1 MaxHP whenever you heal HP (excluding regeneration) or kill a non-minion enemy
Devil's Hourglass (boss) ⏳ +1 energy, if a battle goes to turn 13, you take 999 damage at the end of the 13th turn
Disgusting Skill (boss) ☣️ Skill cards that cost 2+ cost 1 less, take 1 damage if you end turn not playing a skill
Displacer Cloak (boss) 🧥 Gain 1 block whenever you draw a card, start combat with Barricade
Diversity Inclusion (boss) 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏿 +1 energy; gain two unskippable card choices from each character plus five colorless
-^------------^--------^------ If you remove any card from a character other than yours, transform the card instead
Divine Halo (boss) 😇 Whenever you draw a curse card, permanently remove the curse card from your deck, then
-^------------^--------^------ gain 1 energy, draw 2 cards, gain +3 MaxHP and gain +10 gold
Doomed Dice (boss) 🎲 +1 energy, 1 in 6 chance to give you one of three choice curses each time you climb a floor
Double Decker (boss) 🚌 Double your maximum hand limit; draw an extra card when a card does a card draw
Double Edge Sword (boss) 🗡️ +1 energy at the start of each turn while there are two or more enemies on the field;
-^------------^--------^------ When you kill an enemy, transfer both its nonunique buffs and debuffs to a random enemy
Dragon Egg (boss) 🥚 Upgrade all cards adding to your deck; whenever you enter a rest site, upgrade a random card
Dwarf Cleric Ally (boss) 🧔 Start combat with regeneration 6; apply 2 vulnerability to the first enemy that damages you
Dyson Swarm (boss) ❂ +1 energy, Elites drop an extra relic when defeated; lose -1 MaxHP when picking up any relic
Electrocutioner Core (boss) 🔵 [Defect, replaces Cracked Core] start with 3 Lightning Orbs; +1 orb slot; orbs hits all foes
Electronic Blaster (boss) 📻 +1 energy, if you end your turn with energy remaining, add 3 Dazed to your discard pile
Elf Druid Ally (boss) 🧝 Start combat with regeneration 6; the first time you're damaged, apply 2 weak to all enemies
Embrace Eternity (boss) 🧞‍♀️ +1 energy, at the start of combat, shuffle 5 Void cards into your discard pile
Endless Pride (boss) 🏆 +1 energy, if you end combat without a Pride curse in your deck, add a Pride to your deck
Every Mask (boss) 👺 +1 MaxHP per floor, +50 gold per event, start battles with 1 weak, empty next treasure chest
Exclam Doubler (boss) ‼️ The first card you play each turn is played twice; add a Void to your draw pile on end turn
Fate's Flower (boss) 🌺 [Requires Infinite Spire] Start of each turn, add a random upgraded Black Card to your hand
Fear of the Unknown (boss) 😱 +1 energy, +1 draw, at each turn start, permanently transform a random card in your hand;
-^------------^--------^------ Upgrade the first transformed card; otherwise cards which are upgraded retain their upgrade
Feathered Wings (boss) 🕊️ Gives you permanent Flight (to hop paths on the map)
Feel the Pain (boss) 😳 Up to once per turn, when you take damage, gain +1 MaxHP; add a Pain curse to your deck
-^------------^--------^------ If any Pain curse is removed from your deck, add another Pain curse to your deck
Field Medic (boss) 👨‍⚕️ Add five upgraded Bandage Up cards to your deck; reduce any taken numeric debuffs by one
Final Countdown (boss) ⏲️ Start combat with upgraded The Bomb (at the end of 3 turns, deal 50 damage to all enemies)
Flaming Ultima (boss) 🔥 +1 energy, add a Burn to both your draw and discard piles at the end of each turn
Forbidden Library (boss) 📚 Gain the Enchiridion, Necronomicon and Nilry's Codex relics; disable the Cursed Tome event
Fried Egg (boss) 🍳 +1 energy, all new card selections are upgraded; lose 3 MaxHP if you ever skip taking a card
Fried Shrimp (boss) 🍤 +1 energy, at the start of each turn, shuffle a random status card into your hand
Friendship Toast (boss) 🍻 [2.0 Required] Whenever you use a card, potion or relic that gives you a choice of card:
-^------------^--------^------ upgrade the received chosen card and shuffle a random upgraded card into your hand
-^------------^--------^------ Otherwise, whenever you use a potion, shuffle a random upgraded card into your hand
-^------------^--------^------ Upon pickup, gain +2 potion slots, and one each attack, colorless, power & skill potions;
-^------------^--------^------ Elites and bosses always drop an extra bonus attack, colorless, power or skill potion
Full Power (boss) 🔌 When you channel any orb, channel a Lightning Orb; gain +1 orb slot when you Evoke Lightning
-^------------^--------^------ Add upgraded to deck: Ball Lightning, Electrodynamics, Storm, Tempest, Thunder Strike, Zap
Gain Now, Pay Later (boss) 🏦 (1/turn, right-click) Gain 1 energy, shuffle a random curse into your draw pile, draw 2 cards
-^------------^--------^------ After right-clicking, if you win combat before you draw a curse, lose 3 HP and lose 10 gold
Gargle Blaster (boss) 🍹 +1 energy, at start of combat, shuffle 3 slimed into your discard pile;
-^------------^--------^------ If you discard or play a curse or status card, lose 1 energy
Ghost Slimer (boss) 👻 +1 energy, add a Slimed to both your draw and discard piles at the end of each turn
Glowing Gold Star (boss) 🌟 +1 energy, Elites drop an extra common relic, 50% chance a normal battle becomes an Elite
Gold Credit Card (boss) 💳 +1 energy, +10% chance for merchant ? events, must buy 3 things at merchant or lose 10 HP
Grab Bag (boss) 🛍️ Upon pickup, select one option: gain two random boss relics plus two random rare relics,
-^------------^--------^------ two random boss relics plus three random common relics or three random boss relics
-^------------^--------^------ If you ever lose a relic or skip taking a relic from combat rewards, take 10 damage
Greasy Burger (boss) 🍔 +1 energy, if you end your turn with energy remaining, add 3 Slimed to your discard pile
Greedy Gold Nugget (boss) 💰 +1 energy, add three copies of the Greed curse to your deck
Hard Mode (boss) 💢 +1 energy, all enemies start combat with +25% MaxHP
Hawk of War (boss) 🦅 (1/battle, right-click) Stuns all enemies for 1 turn; gain +1 energy now and next turn
Healing Tent (boss) 🎪 When resting, gain 1 MaxHP, heal to full, gain an energy potion and upgrade a random card
Heart Burner (boss) 💓 +1 energy, if you end your turn with energy remaining, add 3 Burns to your discard pile
Heart String (boss) ❦ +1 energy, for each 6 cards played in a turn, apply 1 vulnerability and 1 weak to yourself
Heartseeking Stake (boss) 💘 +1 energy, 50% normal monsters become Elites, 10% chance Elites become Super-Elites
Hero's Regret (boss) 🐱‍🏍 +1 energy, each time a card in your deck is upgraded, lose 2 HP (this bypasses block)
-^------------^--------^------ At the start of combat, shuffle a temporary Regret curse into your discard pile
Highlander Quickening (boss) ⛰️ Transform and upgrade all duplicate cards in your deck; (condition below applies once)
-^------------^--------^------ If you ever add a duplicate card into your deck, transform and upgrade it once
Hokage's Pride (boss) 🐱‍👤 Upon pickup, gain Kunai, Shuriken and Ninja Scroll relics; add a Pride curse to your deck
-^------------^--------^------ If your deck ever has zero Pride curses in it, add a Pride curse to your deck
-^------------^--------^------ Note: if you already have any of these relics, obtain a random relic instead
Honey Pot (boss) 🍯 +1 energy, you cannot skip rewards (cards, potions, relics)
Hydrophobia (boss) 🍷‍ +1 energy, take 2 damage whenever you use or discard a potion
Incinerator (boss) ♻ +1 energy, at each turn start, shuffle a random card into your hand, then exhaust 3 cards
-^------------^--------^------ If your draw pile contains less than 5 cards, shuffle three random cards instead of one
Infamy's Price (boss) 👿 +1 energy, entering a shop costs 100 gold, take 10 damage if you skip and don't pay
Interrobang (boss) ‽ +1 energy, card rewards offer 1 extra choice, battles give +2 cards, can't skip rewards
Joker Card (boss) 🃏 Triplicate your deck's X cost cards; gain 1 energy & draw 1 after playing an X cost card
Keep what you Kill (boss) 👨‍🍳 Gain +1 charge per kill, max 99; (right-click spends 1 charge) gain +1 MaxHP and heal 2 HP
Knowledge and Wisdom (boss) 🧠 At the start of each turn, gain Scry 10
Kite Randomizer (boss) 🪁 +1 energy, discard one random card at the start of your turns
Lame Duck (boss) 🦆 Upon pickup, add an Injury curse card to your deck; Injuries start in your discard pile;
-^------------^--------^------ The first time per turn when you reach 0 energy, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card;
-^------------^--------^------ If you end your turn with more than 1 energy, shuffle a Void card into your draw pile
Lasting Armaments (boss) 🛠️ Permanently add ten upgraded Armaments cards to your deck; make one of them innate;
-^------------^--------^------ Whenever you play an Armaments card, permanently upgrade a random card in your deck
Liberty Bell (boss) 🔔 +1 energy, gain one random curse, curses can no longer be removed from your deck
Lightning Intellect (boss) ⛈️ Gain +3 orb slots; start combat with both Creative AI and Storm active; upon pickup,
-^------------^--------^------ add to deck upgraded Capacitor, Defragment, Electrodynamics, Seek & Thunder Strike
-^------------^--------^------ (at each turn start, add a random power to your hand; power cards channel a lightning orb)
Live Long and Prosper (boss) 🖖 Upon pickup, gain +10 MaxHP and gain 100 gold; heal 1 HP whenever you end your turn;
-^------------^--------^------ Every time you climb a floor, gain +1 MaxHP, heal 1 HP and gain 10 gold
Lock and Key (boss) 🔐 Remove up to five cards from your deck, lose all your current gold
Lost Leg (boss) 🦿 +1 energy, 5% chance to lose 5 HP at the end of your turn
Lost Luggage (boss) 🧳 Transform as many cards as you want from your deck, lose all your current gold
Lunar Core (boss) 🌕 [Defect, replaces Cracked Core] +1 orb slot; Channel one Moon Orb at the end of your turn
-^------------^--------^------ Channel Moon Orb: randomly gain either +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Focus or Heal 1 HP
-^------------^--------^------ Evoke Moon Orb: gain +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Focus, +1 orb slot and Heal 1 HP
Magnificent Mansion (boss) 🏠 Upon pickup, gain: +1 potion slot, +10 MaxHP, 100 gold, three random card upgrades,
-^------------^--------^------ Also pickup gain: two random potions, a choice of upgraded card, a choice of rare card
-^------------^--------^------ At the start of combat, shuffle a random temporary curse into your discard pile
Marisa's Mushroom (boss) 🍄 When you spend your charge-up, gain 1 energy & deal charge-up damage to all enemies
Mark of Embarrassment 🩲 +1 energy, start combat with two random status cards into both your draw and discard piles
-^------------^--------^------ If your deck has more than 35 cards, shuffle one more status card into both instead of two
Master of Secrets (boss) 🤐 Add 5 Secret Technique and 5 Secret Weapon cards to your deck; make 1 of each innate
-^------------^--------^------ When you play a Secret Technique or Secret Weapon card, draw +1 card and heal 1 HP
Medical Kit (boss) 👜 Heal 1 HP whenever you take damage; whenever you heal HP, gain double the amount
Meteor Barrage (boss) ☄️ +1 orb slot; add five upgraded Meteor Strike cards to your deck; make one innate;
-^------------^--------^------ Randomize their cost (1-5); Defect cards and relics are unlocked in rewards and shops
Method Actor Mask (boss) 🎭 Retain the card with the highest energy cost in your hand; (on a tie, retain a random card)
-^------------^--------^------ The card retained costs 0 energy next turn and exhausts if played
Midas Touch (boss) 👉 Gain 999 gold; whenever you would spend gold, keep your gold, but lose 1 HP instead
Miniature Printer (boss) 📠 Gain a choice of one of three cards each turn to your hand, permanently add it to your deck
Miniature Train (boss) 🚂 Every time you play 5 cards in one turn, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card
Mirror Mist (boss) 🤳 [Requires Replay the Spire] Gain the Mirror Mist class benefit, keep your starting relic
-^------------^--------^------ Details:
Miser's Misery (boss) 💸 +1 energy, merchant restocks, lose 1 MaxHP each time you lose or spend gold
Misery Maximum (boss) 😖 +1 energy; whenever you gain a curse, add another random curse to your deck
Money Money (boss) 🤑 Gain 999 gold; add a Hand of Greed to your deck; whenever you gain or lose gold, heal 1 HP
Monstrous Mind (boss) 👾 Start combat with +1 Focus and +1 orb slot; channel a random orb at the end of every turn
Mortgaged Mansion (boss) 🏛️ [Requires Replay the Spire] +1 energy; upon pickup, add 5 I.O.U. curse cards to your deck
-^------------^--------^------ When you spend 100 gold to purge an I.O.U. curse, draw a card, gain +2 MaxHP and heal 3 HP
Multiplier (boss) ✳️ Choose: duplicate 10 choice cards in your deck or double your entire deck
My Favorite (boss) ⭐ Choose a card in your deck: that card costs 1 less energy, becomes innate and retains;
-^------------^--------^------ When the selected card is played, shuffle it and the next card you play into your draw pile
Nanosecond Core (boss) 🌐 [Defect, replaces Cracked Core] always channel a Lightning Orb when starting your turn
-^------------^--------^------ gain +1 orb slot; when you evoke a Lightning Orb, gain +1 Focus
Nemesis Field (boss) 🌫️ +1 energy, +1 focus, gain intangible & entangled every 2 turns (can't attack if intangible)
Nine Lives (boss) 🐈 Starts with 9 charges; when you die, spends a charge return to 1 HP and gain Regeneration 9
No Bell (boss) 🔕 +1 energy, randomly transform up to three curses in your deck, gain two random curses
Nuclear Core (boss) ☢️ [Defect, replaces Cracked Core] Start with a Plasma orb; evoking any orb gains +1 Focus
Ogre Misery Mask (boss) 👹 +1 energy, opening a treasure chest deals 5 damage, your next treasure chest will be empty
Okay Cube (boss) 🆗 Whenever your block is reduced to any number above zero, draw 1 card
Orb of Power (boss) 🔮 Start combat with +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Focus, +1 orb slot and channel 1 random orb
Overcharged Core (boss) ⭕ At the start of combat, gain three orb slots, then gain three random orbs
Pack of Cigarettes (boss) 🚬 +1 energy, lose 1 HP per floor climbed (HP loss comes at the end of a battle)
Parasyte Maxim (boss) 🍥 Upon pickup, add five Parasite curse cards to your deck; Parasite cards become playable:
-^------------^--------^------ Playing Parasite gains 1 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 1 energy, draw 2 cards, heal 3 HP, exhaust
-^------------^--------^------ If you play more than five Parasite cards in a combat, reset Strength and Dexterity to 1
-^------------^--------^------ Enemies gain stun immunity and the Writhing Mass' reactive buff and Parasite debuff intent
Pastry Chef (boss) 👩‍🍳 Whenever you play card costing 2 or more energy, make a random card in your hand 0-energy
-^------------^--------^------ Exhaust any 0-energy cards you play; for every 10 cards you exhaust, gain +1 MaxHP
Popcorn Perfection (boss) 🍿 +1 energy, entering an event room gains +2 MaxHP but has +20% chance for Elite battle
Poppy-Seed Lox Bagel (boss) 🥯 If you start your turn at full health, gain +1 energy and draw one extra card;
-^------------^--------^------ Start combat with Barricade; whenever you start your turn with block, lose that block,
-^------------^--------^------ then heal HP and gain temporary HP equal to 10% of the lost block value, round down;
-^------------^--------^------ If your lost block value was 50 or over, gain +1 MaxHP instead
Portable Portal (boss) ⛤ +1 energy, 5% chance every turn to add a random enemy to your battle
Potted Plants (boss) 🌱 [Requires Strawberry Spire] Gain a random Blandfruit; gain Blandfruit entering rest sites
-^------------^--------^------ Blandfruit details can be found:
Power Cape (boss) 🦸 At each turn start, shuffle a random power card into your hand, draw pile and discard pile;
-^------------^--------^------ Gain 1 energy when you play a power card, then shuffle a random power card into your hand;
-^------------^--------^------ If you play more than 3 powers in a turn, take damage equal to the number of powers played
Power Creep Chart (boss) 📈 At the start of each turn, gain one Strength, one Dexterity and one Focus
Pristine Fountain (boss) ⛲ Remove all curses from your deck; for each curse, gain +1 MaxHP & 1 random upgraded card
Procrastinator (boss) 📺 +1 energy, 10% chance to be unable to do anything at all at a rest site
Put Me In, Coach (boss) 🏈 +1 energy, at combat start, shuffle an Injury curse and nine Dazed into your discard pile
Questionable Choices (boss) ❓ +1 energy, +1 choice for battle card rewards; if you skip a card reward, take 5 damage
Quicksilver Vial (boss) 🧪 +1 energy, all enemies start with 2 Dexterity, 5 Metallicize and Barricade
Rainbow Core (boss) 🌈 [Defect, replaces Cracked Core] Gain a random Orb at the end of your turn until slots full
Rainbow Printer (boss) 🖨️ Add a random Diverse card to hand at each turn start; add to deck permanently if played
Reaper of Souls (boss) ☭ Upon pickup, permanently add ten upgraded Reaper cards to your deck; make one innate;
-^------------^--------^------ Reaper played at full HP gains: block equal to unblocked damage, +1 energy, draw 1 card;
-^------------^--------^------ Each time you kill a non-minion enemy with Reaper, gain +1 MaxHP and upgrade a random card
Relic Portrait (boss) 🖼️ Choose two common/uncommon/rare relics you possess and double/duplicate their effects;
-^------------^--------^------ Each time you defeat a boss, choose another common/uncommon/rare relic to double/duplicate
Red Lantern (boss) 🏮 On the first three turns of combat, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card
Repeat Delivery (boss) 📩 Choose a card from your deck; at start of each turn, add a copy of that card to your hand
Rock Star (boss) 👨‍🎤 +1 energy, +2 card draw, lose 1 HP per 3 cards in your hand at the end of your turn
Royal Armory (boss) 👑 Upgrade your entire deck; whenever you enter a rest site, upgrade a random card
Safety Goggles (boss) 🥽 Start combat with 2 Artifact, 2 Metallicize, 2 Plated Armor, 2 Protection & 2 Temporary HP
Science Awry (boss) 🧫 +1 energy, you heal 1 HP at the end of your turn, all enemies gain 10 regeneration
Scorpion King's Mark (boss) ♏ +1 energy, start combat with one Burn, Dazed, Slimed, Void and Wound in your discard pile
Seeker's Eye (boss) 👁️ Add five upgraded Seek cards to your deck; make one of them innate
Shark Scale Armor (boss) 🦈 Start combat with 5 Scales, +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Focus and 5 temporary HP;
-^------------^--------^------ When you end turn, deal 5 + Strength + Dexterity + Focus damage to the lowest HP enemy;
-^------------^--------^------ If this damage kills a non-minion enemy, gain +2 MaxHP; kills a minion, gain +1 MaxHP
Shiv Bandolier (boss) 🎽 Start each turn with one Shiv card; (1/battle, right-click) Add six Shivs to your hand
Shopping Bags (boss) 🛍️ Upon pickup, gain 2 random Boss relics; Shop may buy your used relics for 1D100 gold each
Slot Machine (boss) 🎰 +1 energy, +10% gold, 5% chance of losing all your gold when picking up gold
Smiling Stone (boss) 🌚 +1 energy; on Elite/Boss kill, gain +1 relic, +1 rare card choice, +50% gold and +1 curse
Snecko Blood (boss) ⚕️ +1 energy, you start each combat Confused
Snecko Fangs (boss) 🐍 +1 energy, +2 card draw, you start combat Confused, lose 1 HP if you play a 0-cost card
Spicy Noodles (boss) 🍝 +1 energy, all enemies start combat with Malleable 3 and Reactive
-^------------^--------^------ [Malleable 3 and Reactive: gains 3 block and changes intent whenever damaged]
Spire Clinic (boss) 🏥 Heal 1 HP whenever you climb a floor; every 10th time you heal HP, heal 100 HP
Standby Ambulance (boss) 🚑 Event rooms gain +1 MaxHP, heal 10 HP and no longer contain normal enemies
Star Fragment (boss) ✵ Start with 12 orb slots; lose 1 Focus whenever you evoke an orb; unlock all Blue cards
-^------------^--------^------ If you end your turn with 10 or more empty orb slots, channel a random orb
Stars In Their Eyes (boss) 💫 Gain confusion for the first three rounds of combat; start every turn with +1 card draw;
-^------------^--------^------ future card rewards gain an extra choice which will always be a 2+ energy or X-cost card
Stop Sign (boss) 🛑 +1 energy, +1 card draw, lose HP equal to your current energy when you shuffle your deck
Succubus Doll (boss) 😈 +1 energy, add three copies of the Lust curse to your deck
Temple of Solitude (boss) 🛕 At combat start, apply upgraded Corpse Explosion to the enemy with the highest HP count
-^------------^--------^------ [Apply 9 Poison; when the enemy dies, deal damage equal to its MaxHP to all enemies]
Tesseract Powercube (boss) 🕋 Upon pickup, gain 4 upgraded colorless card choices permanently added to your deck
-^------------^--------^------ At each turn start, gain an option to shuffle 1 to 4 random colorless cards into your hand:
-^------------^--------^------ 1 card = no damage; 2 cards = 2 HP damage; 3 cards = 4 HP damage; 4 cards = 8 HP damage
Tomb Raider (boss) ⛼ No more regular enemy combats in ? rooms, gain 50 gold and +1 MaxHP before each ? event
Tower Master (boss) ™️ +1 energy, before fighting each Act Boss, fight act 4's Spire Shield and Spire Spear
-^------------^--------^------ When entering an elite combat, 10% chance to fight act 4's Spire Shield and Spire Spear
Towering Strength (boss) 🗼 Start combat with Demon Form: gain +2 Strength at the start of each turn
Tracking Token (boss) 🐾 +1 energy, 50% normal monsters become Elites, 10% chance for elites to have double HP
Transform Infinity (boss) 🎱 +1 energy, +1 card draw, at each turn start, transform/upgrade 3 random cards in your hand
-^------------^--------^------ Each time you climb a floor, permanently transform then upgrade a random card in your deck
Tree of Dates (boss) 🌴 +1 card draw; the first time per turn you play six cards in a turn, gain +1 MaxHP
Tree of Life (boss) 🌳 Both you and all enemies heal 5 HP at the start of your turn
Tree of Power (boss) 🎄 Upon pickup, gain +1 potion slot; when you use a potion, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card now;
-^------------^--------^------ also when you use a potion, its effect repeats at the start of your next turn
Tree of Thorns (boss) 🌲 Start combat with 5 Metallicize, 5 Plated Armor and 5 Thorns, as well as 10 Temporary HP
True Insanity (boss) 🤪 +1 energy, every time you gain rewards, permanently add a random upgraded card to your deck
Tulip Bankruptcy (boss) 🌷 At the start of each turn, a random card in your hand becomes 0-energy to play that turn;
-^------------^--------^------ Whenever you play a 0-cost card, gain 2 gold, gain 2 block and deal 2 damage to all enemies
-^------------^--------^------ Exhaust any 0-energy cards after they're played, including the random card made 0-cost
Twin Dolls (boss) 🎎 +25% chance ? event rooms are a treasure chest; all treasure chests have +1 random relic
-^------------^--------^------ If you take everything from a non-boss treasure chest, add a random curse card to your deck
Two Hearts (boss) 💕 (1/battle, right-click) Double all buffs, debuffs and block on both self and all enemies
Universe Sphere (boss) 🟣 [Requires Infinite Spire] Gain 1 void shard whenever you climb a floor
-^------------^--------^------ Gain 1 void shard for every normal enemy or every four minions you kill;
-^------------^--------^------ Gain 2 void shards for every elite you kill; gain 3 void shards for every boss you kill
-^------------^--------^------ On each floor map, transform one random normal battle into a void shard burning shop
Unlimited Power (boss) ⚛️ Power cards cost 1 less energy, min 0, take 1 damage if you end turn not playing a power
Unlucky Windchime (boss) 🎐 +1 energy, 5% chance to add a random curse to your deck each time you climb a floor
Upgrade Factory (boss) 🏭 Upon pickup, upgrade 10 chosen cards in your deck; (synergy with upgrades below)
-^------------^--------^------ When you upgrade a card, upgrade two additional random cards in your deck
Vanilla Cone (boss) 🍦 All basic starter cards cost one less energy, minimum 0 energy, and exhaust when played
Variable Cat (boss) 🙀 Gain +3 orb slots; increase by +2 X-cost card effects; add these upgraded cards to your deck:
-^------------^--------^------ Doppelganger, Malaise, Multicast, Reinforced Body, Skewer, Tempest, Transmutation, Whirlwind
-^------------^--------^------ Whenever you play an X-cost card, shuffle two random status cards into your discard pile
Vertigo Spin (boss) 😵 +1 energy, add a Dazed to both your draw and discard piles at the end of each turn
Void Square (boss) ⬛ +1 energy, add a Void to both your draw and discard piles at the end of each turn
Void Volt (boss) ⚡ +1 energy, if you end your turn with energy remaining, add 3 Voids to your discard pile
Volcano Diorama (boss) 🌋 The first time per turn you Exhaust a card, gain +1 energy
-^------------^--------^------ (1/battle, right-click) Exhaust 3 cards from your hand, gain +1 energy
Vow of Poverty (boss) 🙇 +1 energy; remove a random rare card from your deck; take 10 damage if you add a rare card
Watermelon Seed Spit (boss) 🍉 +1 energy; whenever you draw a curse or status card, heal 1 HP;
-^------------^--------^------ Every 3rd time you heal HP during combat, all monsters gain +1 Strength and +1 Dexterity
Whale of a Deal (boss) 🐋 Upon pickup, gain a menu that includes twelve random relics;
-^------------^--------^------ For each relic that you take, add a random curse to your deck
White Star (boss) ☆ +1 energy, Elites drop an extra relic when defeated; lose 2 HP when picking up any relic
Wind-up Crank (boss) ⛮ If you end your turn with 0 energy, gain +1 energy for the next turn
Wish Upon A Star (boss) 🌠 At the start of combat, gain a choice to play one of three cards, the card costs 0 energy
Wrack Wrench (boss) 🔧 +1 energy; whenever you upgrade a card, upgrade an additional random card, then lose 5 HP
Wrathful Warhammer (boss) 🔨 +1 energy, add three copies of the Wrath curse to your deck
X Marks the Spot (boss) ❌ Gain +1 energy when you draw an X cost card; gain 1 energy after you play an X cost card
Yield Sign (boss) ⚠️ +2 card draw, lose HP equal to your current energy when you shuffle your deck
Zerstorer's Stick (boss) 🌿 For every 5 cards you play, gain 1 Regeneration; at the end of combat, gain +1 MaxHP
-^------------^--------^------ The first time you die, heal 100 HP and disable this relic for the rest of the run


Ace in the Hole ♤ (1/battle, right-click) Add an upgraded Finisher to your hand; it costs 0 energy to play
Ace of Spades ♠️ (1/battle, right-click) Draw one of three cards, this card costs 1 less energy (minimum 0)
Adaptive Preparation 🧬 Gain 1 Artifact every 3rd time you are hit with a debuff
Admit Mistakes 😔 Start combat with +1 orb slot and an upgraded activated Static Discharge:
-^------------^--------^------ (When you take unblocked attack damage, channel 2 Lightning orbs)
Advent Calendar 📅 You are 25% more likely to find a non-combat event in ? Rooms.
Alchemy Lab ⚗️ Gain +1 potion slot; whenever you enter a rest site, randomly fill any empty potion slots
Antidote Syringe 💉 You are immune to Decay, Necrotic and Poison damage
Are You Cereal 🥣 For each ten enemies you kill, gain +1 MaxHP; minions count as half (reset count on 10.5)
Argus Panoptes 👁️‍🗨️ Once per turn, if you exhaust a card, a random card in your hand costs 0-energy this turn
Around the World 🪀 At the start of your turn, deal 5 damage to the rightmost enemy
Ascender's Choice 🧗 Upon pickup, reset the ascension level to any chosen value from 0 to 20
Ashes to Ashes ⚱️ Whenever you kill an enemy, heal 1 HP, then retrieve a card from your Exhaust pile
-^------------^--------^------ If your Exhaust pile is empty upon enemy kill, gain +1 MaxHP instead
Astral Diamond 💎 You gain +1 MaxHP when defeating an Elite monster or act Boss
Automatic Shuffler 📇 Gain +1 energy and draw one card when you shuffle your deck
Automatic Tonic Machine 🏧 Upon pickup, gain +2 MaxHP; (Map, right-click) Spend 20 gold to gain +1 MaxHP & heal 1 HP

40k character limit, continues from B in comments:
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Moving Forward from BfA Class Design

Let me get a few things out of the way before I get into this post for real. This post isn’t a complaint. There’s enough of those. I also do not want to get into “BLIZZARD IS JUST A CORPORATE SHILL!” in this post. That’s not what this post is interested in discussing. This post is focused on proposed solutions for class design and an exploration of why BfA is so unenjoyable from a class design standpoint to many people. Additionally, I am going to armchair design. I am going to do this because I am currently getting my MS in Game Design, and it’s a good exercise for me as a designer (my producer at the studio I intern at encouraged me to do something like this over winter break to keep me fresh). I am also not a mythic raider, so if you’re coming from a place of objective game balance and what have you because you’re in a top 100 guild, you probably know it better than me. I can only speak to my very gray friends list and my own experiences that I think class design is in a very poor state in BfA, not from a tuning standpoint, but from a “fun” standpoint.
I also want to recognize that I do not want to get into conversations about “content as a source of difficulty.” I think this is generally a poor way to tune a game as it inherently limits what is fun for players and easily conflicts with Csikszentmihalyi's Flow Theory, particularly in MMOs where difficulty curves are much more complex. I also do not think Blizzard is incompetent – I do think they are struggling to find a solution that addresses bloat, keeps the game accessible, and avoids homogenization. While you’d be correct to point out that they are professionals and I am an amateur, I would be correct to point out that it wasn’t that long ago that Jeffrey Kaplan and Ion Hazzikostas were just gamer nerds. My status as an amateur designer does not mean I am incapable of good ideas or ideas worth expressing.
When you look back on interviews about the bloat, the big theme that comes up is sustainability. As more classes got more toys, they became more alike in function and role. The design space became cramped. If every spec got a new ability in Battle for Azeroth, they’d have to find 36 new active abilities that felt good to add to the rotation in whatever capacity that also managed to not encroach on the design space of other specs. You might argue that Blizzard is a company of professionals and capable of attracting some of the top talent in the world, it’s a problem they should be able to solve.
I would argue that their job would be easier if they weren’t working within the confines of a broken system. If you go back and look at coverage of the MoP talent changes (, the Blues (Ghostcrawler, Zarhym, Takralus) were pretty explicit about the goals for that talent system and what constituted success and failure within it. Per their own posts, the system has reached a point of failure, and frankly has been within their failure definition for some time (likely since WoD, honestly, but for sure since Legion for most classes). Now I know some people are going to read that and have a gut-reaction that I am going to advocate for the vanilla talent trees – I’m not, certainly not as a cut-and-paste-as-they-were type of deal. Instead, I would like to look at why the current system isn’t working.
We think once you see the majority of talent choices you'll understand a bit more why these choices aren't really going to be bombarded by optimum build mentality. The choices just don't have a clear optimal because most of the choices don't lead to direct output increases. If that doesn't seem to be the case then we need to work on it more.
Whether you’re happy or not with your spec's current performance and talent options, there’s no denying that the current majority of talents in the game are focused around direct output increases. In fact, not only are most talents direct output increases, but most of them are competing direct output increases. This is the exact kind of design Ghostcrawler said they were trying to avoid as it leads to there being a simple mathematical “right and wrong” answer. I bring this up because talents could feel like a layer of customization on top of a basic class kit to give the kit depth, interactivity, and intrigue.
Returning to talents, there’s a lot of ways talents could be fixed, some more radical than others. The least obtrusive fix is this: talent rows should focus on augmenting an ability in the spec’s kit in a meaningful way that isn’t just raw throughput. It should change HOW you use that ability, not just the numbers attached to it. Yes, throughput will be a consequence of that, of course, but it also would allow for people to tailor their combat experiences more. There’s 7 talent tiers currently – each of those tiers should be dedicated to 1 ability. An 8th tier and 9th tier (both of which will be needed by 9.0, I think) could further refine 8th or 9th abilities, or slowly introduce new abilities, or a mix of both. What matters is consistency and clarity of design.
Blizzard could do that and it would keep the current system mostly the same. I would point out that it does not fix how unrewarding leveling feels currently, and I think an older-style tree would be a good way to make leveling feel a little better, but I don't want this post to derail into a knee-jerk pre-MoP vs. post-MoP talent argument. If people are interested, I could post my solution for that in a separate thread or as a reply here.
That’s part one to fixing class design – fix talents first. The second part is going back to specs being a part of a class instead of specs being classes. Ion even explicitly said in the last Q&A that the team views the game as really having 36 classes. That’s massive! How do you keep 36 classes feeling distinct?
You don’t.
Classes vs. Specs
Blizzard’s fundamental problem, in my opinion, is trying to keep 36 classes distinct isn’t viable. Dark Age of Camelot has 47 classes in it right now. Midgard has 7 different melee DPS classes (Warrior, Valkyrie, Thane, Berserker, Skald, Mauler, Savage). They absolutely overlap with each other in roles, but they have little, subtle differences between them that make each one play differently. And you know what? It’s fine. It’s totally fine that if you zoom out really far, Midgard has 3 classes that do the same thing (Warrior, Valkyrie, Thane) and 4 other classes that do the same thing (Berserker, Mauler, Savage, Skald) in PvE (For any dark age of Camelot fans out there I’m grossly simplifying so I don’t have to explain the nuances of the game, just stick with me). And it’s fine. There’s a reason to take each of them because they bring slightly different things to the group and there’s advantages and disadvantages to each. The differences that make each class unique give the player a reason to play each class, and those things also warrant why a group would want that class.
If we go back to specs being an expression of a class (rather than a self-contained class), there becomes a lot more meaningful room for character expression in the talent system and more ways to add new abilities back into the game.
Sure, some abilities stay spec specific – Chaos Bolt, Stormstrike, Divine Storm, Pyroblast, etc. In fact, every spec should have at least 1 ability that is ONLY theirs. But is there a reason that as a Destruction warlock, I need to not have access to DoTs? Is there a reason why my Enhance Shaman doesn’t know how to do shocks? Instead of every expansion Blizzard being tasked with coming up with 36 new abilities, it could only be 12. Use systems like talents to let players customize that new ability into their rotation.
Class design is limited because Blizzard’s crusade against “homogenization” has lead to them to this point where everything (ironically) is just a builder -> spender pattern. They've de-homogenized roles in favor of homogenizing gameplay. Get your 5 doodads and spend them on a whosawhatsit. Sometimes it’s combo points, sometimes it’s runes, sometimes it’s mana or rage or embers or whatever, but it’s all the same builder -> spender pattern at slightly different cadences. Ironically, in their quest to avoid homogenizing, they’ve homogenized worse than ever in the game’s history.
It’s okay if there’s 4 different melee specs that do burst AoE damage as long as their game cadence is different. It’s okay if every spec has access to AoE and single target and cleave. You’re right that world first guilds will just class stack for whatever is the best, and you know what? They’ve ALWAYS done that. NOTHING will change that. Designing classes around Method’s raid composition isn’t going to make 97% of the playerbase happy. Even as homogenized as things are right now in terms of playstyle, and even with Blizzard trying to go back to “bring the class” (kind of), you still saw heavy rogue stacking on Zul, for example. It’s the nature of playing the game at that level; to players of that caliber, .01 DPS matters.
For the overwhelming majority of the player base, the majority of guilds – I mean the overwhelming majority of raiding guilds, including CE guilds – they’re just going to take the person with the best logs for a trial. It doesn’t matter if every single melee DPS has access to the same damage profiles and Enhancement winds up the 7th best melee DPS in sims – if that enhance shaman has monster logs, they’ll take him. Does it look good when a Coven happens and raids are 14 warlocks for progression? No, of course not, but it happens. You move on. It doesn’t impact most players.
Designing A Small but Fun Kit
Path of Exile has me pushing literally 1 button for 95% of my play experience and yet that’s satisfying because of all the layers on top of that one button (in addition to that 1 button being a skillshot in my case). My enhance shaman has me waiting for my 1 button to light up so I can push it, and nothing really modifies that 1 button, so it’s just always that 1 button forever, and it’s targeted, so there isn’t any skillcap behind pushing that 1 button except for how fast I push it.
It's important to note that with more limited toolkits, having systems that actively develop those toolkits, as well as skill in the expression of that kit becomes far more critical than it is in larger kits. An individual button out of 16 matters half as much as an individual button out of 8. In a strictly tab targeted game like WoW, it's hard to create a feeling of skill expression with a limited kit. It's doable, but the game currently does not do that imho. The key to this is to take advantages of interactions between the exiting skills, tight, non-binary resource management, combo sequences, and potentially positional requirements.
Finally, the issue of longevity. How do we get away from these rental abilities? Well, WoW is in a tricky spot because it uses such heavy vertical progression. I think class design would be a lot easier if Blizz could flatten out a bit, but that’s a separate post (unfortunately). To me, the solution is in continuing to influence existing abilities through talents. Let’s say we hit a point that for literally every spec, every single active ability in the spellbook has a talent row for it. We could, at that point, move to the passives – we could also add additional rows for single abilities, allowing even more “morphs” of the core abilities.
There are some other pieces to this that for sheer length and character count purposes, I won’t be able to get to, but the two big ones are the aforementioned flattening of progression and the reintroduction of tier sets. The TLDR on that is that when you get 2 pieces of a set you unlock a “minor glyph” (the 2 piece bonus) and once you get 4 piece of that same set, you unlock a “major glyph” (the 4 piece bonus). Players may have 2 minor glyphs OR 1 major glyph equipped (3 minor glyphs or 1 minor 1 major if you wanted to do 6 piece sets, just depends on the design space). Combine that with using raid-dropped crafting materials for catch up gear (instead of the current mechanisms) and you’ve added a reason to continue running old content. Now if you were to take that and combine it with taking some height out of progression and widening it a bit instead…
But that’s for another post.
TLDR: BfA’s class design is weak because talents are broken and fail to meet the design goals of the system, Blizzard’s seemingly vague/unclear definition of homogenization is constricting the class space, and 36 classes aren’t viable per that homogenization definition – returning to 12 classes with 2/3/4 specs each would provide a lot more room for interesting class design and iteration.
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    2. "It was a huge misstep that Satoshi’s original design has weak privacy. It set in stone an expectation that digital assets must have worse privacy than cash. Didn’t have to be this way." - Udi Wertheimer ‏ (215 points, 61 comments)
    3. 'Privacy should not be optional (and that’s why we made it a default).' - Firefox (214 points, 24 comments)
    4. Monero receives 'not a security' rating (best possible rating) by Crypto Rating Council (joint council created by Coinbase, Kraken, Circle/Poloniex, Bittrex, Paxos/itBit, Cumberland, Genesis and Grayscale) (214 points, 30 comments)
    5. GUI v0.14.1.0 'Boron Butterfly' (with Ledger Nano X and Trezor Model T support) released! (213 points, 243 comments)
    6. 'Apple CEO Tim Cook says privacy isn't a feature that should be built into products after the fact' (212 points, 39 comments)
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    9. Preliminary information thread regarding the scheduled protocol upgrade of November 30 (183 points, 141 comments)
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    1. Alright everybody pack it up. US Attorney General says encryption creates a security risk; if your wallet requires a password to unlock, you're doing acts that are used by terrorists, and it's time to stop. (317 points, 56 comments)
    2. What a shame Monero isn't included ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (254 points, 47 comments)
    3. Linus Tovalds believes processor vendors are approaching the end of Moore's Law, and optimization of code is going to be needed to increase performance (245 points, 61 comments)
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    1. Church Of Monero: Enough is enough - How the leader of the Church tried to fool the community to make look like the Church is organizing the Monero Konferenco and even adding his own Monero address on the flyer (166 points, 268 comments)
    2. [URGENT]Call for translators! - We have two days to submit as many translations as possible for the next release of the GUI wallet! We need your help! (123 points, 46 comments)
    3. Monero translators, we need you to make one final sprint! The code freeze is imminent. (112 points, 15 comments)
    4. 2 new projects joined the Monero Ecosystem! MoneroBox, a plug-and-play, zero-configuration Monero full node and Monero-Javascript, Monero wallet and daemon JavaScript API (107 points, 12 comments)
    5. PSA: We've posted an announcement regarding the potentially compromised CLI binaries on (101 points, 47 comments)
    6. New language for Monerujo: Esperanto! Will be available in next release (97 points, 6 comments)
    7. Monero Python - A comprehensive Python module for handling Monero cryptocurrency, has officially joined the Monero Ecosystem Project! (94 points, 12 comments)
    8. is now available in German! (89 points, 16 comments)
    9. updated: New user friendly download page, Welcome video in Brazilian Portuguese, 5 new merchants accepting Monero and more (76 points, 12 comments)
    10. My last proposal as coordinator of the Localization Workgroup has ended. A recap, some updates, plans for the future of the internationalization of Monero and a huge thanks (73 points, 22 comments)
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    1. Monero is second only to Bitcoin in terms of number of commits for the past 4 years! (269 points, 59 comments)
    2. Joe Weisenthal (Bloomberg): Until true anonymity (or near anonymity) is developed into Bitcoin, it's still incomplete, and not delivering on its promise. Without anonymity, there's no censorship resistance, and no store of value. (173 points, 38 comments)
    3. Nick Szabo puts Monero on an equal footing with Bitcoin: “deeply safe Bitcoin & Monero” (170 points, 41 comments)
    4. Chainalysis: Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency accepted on dark markets, followed by Monero. Dark web spending to reach $1B this year. (150 points, 39 comments)
    5. BTC maximalist QOTD: “If you send me bitcoin, I would prefer if you used coinjoin first. I would prefer to not know the history of your sats. Don't put that liability on me. Thanks.” (142 points, 45 comments)
    6. Peter Todd wishes Bitcoin had perpetual inflation -- 2140 is much closer than you think (101 points, 89 comments)
    7. nopara73, creator of Wasabi Wallet: "Compared to privacy coins Wasabi is just a temporary hack. I think without Confidential Transactions, as the transaction fees grow, privacy will be priced out of Bitcoin's main chain." (95 points, 48 comments)
    8. Scott Stornetta, inventor of the first blockchain: “When I first read the Bitcoin white paper I thought [...] there’s no privacy at all here! What you’ve got is a completely traceable record of what’s going on.” @12:00 (68 points, 17 comments)
    9. Let's discuss: is Monero a privacy tool (i.e. Tor, CoinJoin, etc.) or a secure layer one protocol (https)? how aligned is it with Bitcoin ideologically (consider current vs original Bitcoin ideology)? is Monero's blockchain a temporary solution? (52 points, 27 comments)
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    9. Non-KYC exchanges coming to an end, even for small amounts. DEX with Monero as main coin when? (57 points, 18 comments)
    10. I find it funny that people think the gov doesn’t want people to use bitcoin, trust me , they’re estatic that people want to voluntarily be tracked and surveilled. (55 points, 45 comments)

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  9. Alright everybody pack it up. US Attorney General says encryption creates a security risk; if your wallet requires a password to unlock, you're doing acts that are used by terrorists, and it's time to stop. by OsrsNeedsF2P (317 points, 56 comments)
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  4. 116 points: leonardochaia's comment in Monero's Fluffypony reveals why he stepped down
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Beam/Drake Fix Mod Public Release

Beam (and I assume drakes, I hadn’t used them until recently) has always been bugged. The original bug was far more sinister than today’s bug--when you attempted to blast into a group of rats larger than max targets the script literally failed and you did nothing. Fatshark did fix that bug months after it was reported, but unfortunately that fix itself was imperfect.
Current State: Drake and beam finds list of all targets within AoE. It then randomly targets within that list.
Modded State: Drake and beam finds list of all targets within AoE. It then targets nearest within that list.
The current state doesn’t make sense and is not fun. We identified the current bug to Fatshark months ago. Eventually PropJoe fixed this bug and we provided that fix to Fatshark. I personally have been playing with the beam staff in its modded state since then and it is a...ahem…blast. Although we are reluctant to release a bug fix that changes balance for mod users vs vanilla for several good reasons, I feel that in this case the public release is justified.
Justification For The Fix:
  1. Current State Makes No Sense Physically and Is Almost Certainly a Bug: You shoot a gout of flame into a dense horde. Nearest targets escape unharmed but targets directly behind those targets do?
  2. Current State Feels Bad Gameplay Wise: You have to play at a much higher level (dodge dancing while casting/venting) to make the weapons work as intended i.e. AoE control. Blasting into the face of a horde and then getting poked by a rat 2 feet in front of you feels bad.
  3. There Is Precedent: Quickswitch tweaks have a significant impact on repeater for example.
  4. It Will Not Substantially Affect Pub Meta: Drake/Beam are not typical pub carry weapons and this change is extremely unlikely to usher in the era of carry beam/drake.
  5. We Don’t Want To Live In a Haves/Have Nots Vermintide: if the impact to vanilla pubbing is small we’d like to see cool tweaks and mods get released to public. Fatshark will be splitting full modded and QOL tweak only gameplay for V2 and we think that is a great decision that will prevent this bifurcation in the future
  6. The Fix Enables A Unique and Powerful Function For Drakes For Modded Difficulty That They Otherwise Do Not Fill: for the inevitable counterpoints, de gustibus non est disputandum. Don’t use it then.
Install Instructions (Video Instructions from ChillSolo Mod, basically same here)
  1. Currently QOL mod compatible only (I assume...untested. if anyone ports it please pm me or post here and I will include it here as well)
  2. After installing QOL, go here and click download
  3. Go into steamapps\common\Warhammer End Times Vermintide\binaries\mods\patch and paste SprayFix.lua
  4. Go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warhammer End Times Vermintide\binaries\mods and open Initialize in text.
  5. Scroll down til you read “--Additional mods go here :” and add this line (without quotes) “Mods.exec("patch", "SprayFix")”
  6. Load up game, go to mod menu and scroll to bottom. Select options. Enjoy.
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People who liked ABA and are now playing LW2, talk to me about the Tactical layer

So, LW2 is pretty sweet, right :) I am loving the strategy layer it brings with it, the infiltration mechanics, individual weapons, extra weapon tiers, longer campaign. All that good stuff. The list of things to love in LW2 goes on and on.
There's something that grinds my gears, though. And it's the tactical layer. I miss the days of having extensive firefights, of every tool being viable. Just visceral combat of my XCOM dudes firing shotgun rounds into Mutons and slashing Sectoids with swords into their silly faces. LW2 replaced combat with sneaky stuff in 80% of the times ... moving Shinobis through Advent cities plays like Minesweeper to me (Don't step on the red tiles!) and not like XCOM. The combat missions feel very hit and miss to me as well, with so many enemies and shooting penalized so much that Shinobi/Sharpshooter cheese or grenade spam are the only option. I don't feel like LW2 enables me to use all the tools available to me. There are exceptions - i had some good times on the missions where Advent tries to disrupt your supply lines, for example. But those missions are far and between, and after them i am back to having another 20 missions of sneak and extract. And that just isn't what i am looking for. That's not XCOM, baby.
So let's change that. Let's bring tactical combat into LW2, have the best of both worlds and put the player back into control of how he wants to play the game.
I am currently working on a mod that pulls together LW2 and ABA. In an ideal world, we'd end up with the strategy layer of LW2 and a tactical layer where i can plug into with ABA and create an epic campaign where both layers of the game feel relevant. I am not looking to make the game easier, i am totally fine with a high difficulty level. What i am not fine with is taking the tactical combat out of a turn-based combat game. If i'd wanted to play turn based sneaking, i'd just install Invisible Inc. again ;)
Here's a list of what i am planning for that mod, give me your feedback:
1) Restore vanilla cover values: The LW2 cover values penalize shooting too much. Restoring them makes shots connect more often and makes the decision between high and low cover more meaningful. Instead, i would suggest using the "Cover Damage Reduction" mod. It does a better job of slowing down fights without resorting to a "feel bad" mechanic like the graze band. Which i'd also remove or at least reduce to 5% or something.
2) Restore vanilla aiming angles: LW2 disables the aiming angles. Why? No idea. I think they are a great reward for positioning yourself on the battlefield - reducing it to a binary situation of "flank" vs "no flank" like LW2 does results in a switch between -45aim/+40aim from one tile to the next. Doesn't make sense to me and again penalizes conventional combat too much.
3) Increase turn timers: If we want to have firefights on our missions, we need to make time for it. I want to have combat be a viable solution to most missions, so if i want to break out the scientists from a prison by going in with Gunners, Rangers and Technicals i should have that option.
4) Restore environmental damage of explosives: So, if i see an enemy in high cover and i have only 15% hitchance on it, i use a grenade. In vanilla, this will open up the cover and i can now use other tools to finish the enemy off. In LW2, i deal 3 damage and am still sitting at 15% hitchance. Using more grenades (or Hail of Bullets) is my only option here. So basically, removing grenade enviro damage makes grenade spam worse than it is in vanilla. Restoring it means that grenades become utility again instead of a primary damage source.
5) Tweaking the enemy numbers: I quite like the 8 enemy pod with the Advent General as a capstone for the liberation of a region. I like those pods less when they appear out of the blue on other missions. Or when there are 2 more of these pods before i even get to the General. On the other hand, some missions like prison breaks could use bigger pods if i want to make fighting an option on them.
I am currently testing my changes, collecting my own impressions. But it's looking promising. Still, i'd like to get some input and opinions from you as well. How do you feel about LW2's tactical layer and is "fixing" it something that is of interest to more people? Do you have other ideas on how to tackle anything you perceive as a problem with LW2's tactical layer?
EDIT: So, after getting a few responses in here, i took away some important things. I still think that some of the changes introduced with LW2 (increased cover bonuses, missing aim angles) are preventing me from having the enjoyable shootouts that i am looking for. But it seems like this is much less of a problem for other people and mostly a personal preference.
So... i should probably keep those things out of the mod i am looking to do and leave those adjustments to everyone for themselves to do.
submitted by DerBK to Xcom [link] [comments]

Anti-Meta Control Citron Deck + Detailed Guide

Hey guys, it's SuraF and today I'll be sharing the Control Citron deck I've been using with great success over the current and last season, as well as presenting an in-depth guide on its pros and cons and how to play it.


Why Play Citron?

Because it's not Cancer Flare, A Heal Deck, Pineclone, or Clique Peas
The biggest reason is Citron's two classes, Smarty and Guardian. I strongly believe that these two classes are the best plant classes at the moment due to there versatility as well as their access to amazing cards. These include:
  • Strong Early, Mid and Late Game cards
  • Cheap, Excellent Environments
  • Anti-Meta Cards such as Brainana, Cool Beans, Galacta-Cactus, Doom-Shroom
Smarty and Guardian also have some of the best cards the game at the moment, and they are all very "independent". Between the two classes, there is almost no zombie decks that has a clear advantage over well-build citron deck.

Why not Beta-Carrotina?

The difference between Beta-Carrotina and Citron is the superpowers, and I consistently find that Citron's superpowers are better, Invulnerable is such a strong ability and can fuck with deadly as well as crazy direct damage AND bonus attacks. Carrotina's super powers are fun but they are unreliable. Conjuring takes up the bigger portion of three powers, while the last super-power is kinda weird. Going to quote GiantShyGuy from his(her?) post
Carrotina finds herself being less about living through the early game and more so trying to win by the early and mid game.
Also on a standalone, I find that citron's superpowers are just better. Nut signal is Card Draw (Not Conjuring), Transmogrify is insane after the buff, Root Wall is decent and Peel Shield can win you the game by itself.
Also Control Citron "feels" like it as endless potential, whenever you lose, you almost always know that you misplayed somewhere, and you feel like you can get better instead of being salty about a bad draw.

Deck & Explanations


Card Explanations

*Note: I don't recommend you reading all of this, you should just look at the ones that you have questions about.8
  • Galacta-Cactus: Staple card for guardian class. Insanely helpful at clearing out imp rush decks as well as exerting heavy pressure on the zombie hero due to it's bulls-eye ability, and can also trade up to Arm Wrestler on turn 1. Also GC is on of the only AoE's in the game, which is MASSIVELY helpful when helping our midrange minions clear the board of stronger ones. You can easily combo two together to wipe out 2 health minions. It's effect may have a little repercussions since it can blow up your own Spyris.
  • Spyris: Spyris isn't just a card that can peek under graves, its also a handy counter to Toxic Waste Imp and Octo-Pet, especially since guardian and smarty doesn't have direct removal to TWI. Later on its also a pretty hand way to isolate and track the Pogo Bouncers after MuG so that you can Spikeweed them.
  • Planet of the Grapes: Honestly I have this just because I love its combo potential with Sportacus and Galacta-Cactus. It's still a good card for cycling but mostly it's used to win environment wars as well as trigger leaf blowers ability.
  • Sow Magic Beans: Buffs to this card (it now draws a card), makes it insanely strong. It is (or was) a good response to T2 Medulla Nebulla. It gives the deck is strong turn 2 play which both Guardian and Smarty lacks. Later on the 4/4 minions are great for trading the board or pressuring the opponent. Pro Tip: Always use Sow Magic Beans on the Zombie Hero's Face
  • Spikeweed Sector: Amazing card, it does so much for you, it can allow your Zucchini to hit face, lets you facecheck gravestones (clears out electrician, pogo-bouncer and stealthy imp), as well as being a great counter to Arm Wrestler + Sumo Wrestler. Mostly importantly, you can easily kill the pogo-bouncer to disrupt the Pogo+MuG combo.
  • Cool Beans: If you haven't read PvZTryHard Freeze Rose guide, I highly suggest you do, and especially, look at the Vanilla section. tl;dr 3/3 is a magic body because 3 attack is prefect for dodging most zombie removal, and 3 health is so that it can almost always go even with all zombie 1,2 and 3 drops. It's a good body and its effect is just devastating against MuG, (it's even better because if it's the only minion on the board the zombie player is forced to bounce it so you can re-freeze). Not only is it good against MuG, since graves are prominent in almost every deck now, its also a tempo play since it can potential save some minions (Especially those people that use Electrician as removal).
  • Shamrocket: Surprisingly this card felt really hit or miss, sometimes you get to Sham a Nurse Garg and Defensive End, but sometimes you end up with 2 in your hand. However since we already have a lot of anti-aggro elements, (Galacta-Cactus, Spikeweed), it's helpful for dealing with big threats later on.
  • Sportacus: Just like Cool Bean, its a 3/3 body with a 3 drop. The ability is also quite useful at chipping at the zombie hero's health or triggering Planet of the Grapes. Keep in might that Control doesn't mean 20 to 0 in one turn, even though our late game cards can deal a lot of damage, these midrange cards helps us chip down at the zombie hero.
  • Leaf Blower: After a lot of testing I realized that this deck was really weak to Space Cowboy, and double DEnds from Rampbolt can lock me out of Shamrocketing. Enter Leaf Blower. It's 3/4 body is also quite sturdy when trading against smaller minions and the bouncing ability can snag you some tempo. Due to the prevalence of environments in the current meta (especially medulla nebula which is why you need bounces anyways) you can get it's effect off consistently. It also has amphibious which can occasionally be helpful in killing water lane stuff early if you didn't draw spyris, but that's really it's secondary tertiary role.
  • Doom-Shroom: Good counter to Pet Decks, Sports Deck, Swimmer Decks, King Decks, etc. Rarely do I see people playing around this card, they all go full overboard with their gargs and their zookeeper buffs. Unfortunately, the Brainana "buff" made it so that it's vulnerable to Doom-Shroom now, but nevertheless its still a handy tool in the Guardian kit and one of the only "board-flips".
  • Brainana: Brainana is just such a good card in general, especially since Brainy classes have pretty much always been some of the best decks and Brainana is great at shutting down their strategies. It's also a good tempo play against Hearty and Beastly at times too, since they will run out of the brains to Camel Cross/Maniacal/Vita Z, which will often turn the trade in your favor.
  • Poppin' Poppies: PP does two things in the deck, 1) protect our midrange/late-game minions from deadly 2) heal our hero up against the constant strikethrough spam. Turn 7+ you can also combo Poppin' Poppies with Citron's Superpower, basically giving you 3 lanes of defense. It has been super helpful at healing up the recoil from Galata-Cactus and Anti-Hero spam early on.
  • Dark Matter Dragonfruit: Don't know why there is so much hate directed at this card. The only weakness is its vulnerability to bouncing, but thanks to spikeweed sector and maybe spyris, most pogos should be rooted out by now. It functions as an insanely strong board clear, since without Cut Down to Size, the zombie player doesn't have any tricks that can remove it, AND EVEN IF THEY DO, it's still worth since they will spend more brains removing it than you spent casting it. It's amphibious ability is no slouch either, you can often drop it in the water lane for lethal since its 6 attack is devastating. Its ability and Splash Damage 6 is so amazing, its basically a pseudo brainana + bigger cherry bomb.
  • The Great Zucchini: Mostly play testing with this card since it got a minor buff, at the moment it has preformed quite well. Zucchini combos well with Spikeweed Sector, since you can often deal 7 damage to the face, you can also use it to clog the lanes especially since you have the healing from Poppin' Poppies. When Full Moon Rising comes out I'll probably replace it with another DMD or Wall-Nut Bowling.
  • Wall-Nut Bowling: The Premier Guardian finisher, can potential deal 18 damage in one turn. It's pretty versatile, and you can also use it to clear the ground lanes since 6 damage is enough to kill big threats such as TricksteDEnd/Nurse/Plankwalker.

Why Not...

  • Gravebuster: Just hate how hit/miss this card is. It's even worse than Shamrocket, while most if not all Zombie Decks have minions with more than 3 attack, not every deck has graves. What's worse the niche that Shamrocket fills is indispensable, while I don't find much problems dealing with graves at the moment with Spikeweed and Cool Bean. Maybe if I start see more Binary Stars/Teleportation Zombies I might start including more.
  • Plantern: Just don't have enough space for this card, the 3 sun slot is already pretty packed. Even though it has a good ability, it not as good as Sportacus or Cool Beans.
  • Soul Patch: 7 Sun is just too much of an invest without instant impact (Before you say it, DMD has an instant impact, removing 6 brains from the zombie hero). Although Soul Patch does have good synergy with Citron's invulnerable powers, I didn't run into much cases where I lost due to being rushed down.

Replaceable Cards

I'm going to rank the cards by how important that card is in the deck, from easily replaceable to unreplaceable. I'm not going to include any uncommons/rares.

Low Priority

  • Spyris: Something that can kill TWI/Octopet, ex. Sea Shroom
  • Dark Matter Dragonfruit: Another late game Control Card ex. Soul Patch
  • Great Zucchini: Another late game Control Card ex. Soul Patch

Medium Priority

  • Sow Magic Beans: A good T2 Tempo Play or Card Cycle/Draw ex. Corn Doge, Jugger-nut, Mayflower
  • Sportacus: A T3 Tempo Play ex. Plantern, Mayflower
  • Doom-Shroom: Removal/Bounce ex. Jumping Bean/Leaf Blowers Guac
  • Poppin' Poppies: T5-6 Tempo Play, preferably if it can protect your hero ex. Gravitree, Body Gourd, Sapfling (maybe?)

High Priority

  • Cool Beans: Gravebusters
  • Shamrocket: Removal/Bounce ex. Jumping Bean/Leaf Blowers Guac
  • Wall-Nut Bowling: A finisher.


  • Galacta-Cactus: It's AoE, ability to pressure the opponent and ability to trade with all T1 drops makes it irreplaceable.
  • Brainana: Brainy + Tricks is just too prevalent in this meta to not have at least 3.


Will talk more about mulliganing in each specific matchup

Cards you should always aim to have:

  • Galacta-Cactus: Keep up to 2
  • Spikeweed Sector Keep 1 if you feel that the zombie hero is unlikely to use environments (Sneaky, Hearty) 2 if you feel like you need to engage in environment wars against Medulla Nebulla users.
These cards are your core early game control cards. Galacta-Cactus, as stated before, can trade up against all T1 drops as well as potentially check Impfinity's Superpower. Spikeweed Sector can kill almost every zombie two drop, Vengeful Cyborg, Cosmic Scientist etc.. If you have these two cards you are almost guaranteed a smooth start. In fact, you can pressure the opponenet really heavily if you have 2 Galacta-Cactus, I once won on turn 4 when I got an insane draw and the opponent was ran 16 and used Hot-Dog Imps.
NEVER trade these away unless you already have two copies of Galacta-Cactus or Spikeweed Sector.

Cards you should aim/keep for in specific matchups

  • Spyris: Keep Sypris against sneaky heroes (especially neptuna) to counter Octo-Pult, if you are not against a Sneaky hero and you HAVE Galacta-Cactus, mulligan it away.
  • Sow Magic Beans: Great against players that you except to pass/trick turn two, these include Medulla Ramp, and Beam me Uppers.
However if the rest of your cards are 3 cost or more, I would still keep them since at least you are guaranteed a T1/2 play.

Conditional Keeps

Keep if you have a combo card or already a really strong start, if you don't have Galacta-Cactus/Spikeweed Sector Mulligan these, if you do keep these.
  • Planet of the Grapes: Only keep if you have Galacta-Cactus or Sportacus, if you don't mulligan it away. Never keep more than one.
  • Cool Bean: Only keep if you are against sneaky, you can also keep it if you have a really good hand and you anticipate a Kite FlyeElectrician. Never keep more than one, we have 4 in the deck, drawing one before the opponent starts MuGing is pretty decent.
  • Sportacus: Keep this if you have Spikeweed Sector or Galacta-Cactus. Only keep one.
If you have to choose between Sportacus and Cool Bean, keep Sportacus if you have Planet of the Grapes, Cool Bean against Gravestone users, then Sportacus.
Never keep anything else unless in very sketchy situations. Which will be talked about in the matchups sections below.

Sample Mulligans

I didn't record any game play vods so I just mulliganed against the AI

Excellent Mulligan

Good Mulligan

Decent Mulligan

Bad Mulligan


Turn 1

Galacta Cactus
Hopefully you have a Galacta-Cactus in your hand. If they don't play a minion, great! Play Galacta-Cactus in lane 2 (this is so that you can potentially put down a Planet of the Grapes). However if they play a minion, you have to decide whether or not you want to front the minion with Galacta-Cactus.
If it's a high priority threat like Arm WrestleCheese CutteDisconaut/Cat Lady front it and they'll trade. However if you're playing against immortica, ALWAYS TRADE, this is to prevent Secret Agent + Swimmers shenanigans. (You can apply this to other beastly heroes as well but Immortica does this the most, especially with Lep Imp)
Generally don't Spyris turn 1. The point of Spyris is to trade against t2 octo-pet and TWI, if you play it turn 1 they wouldn't play TWI/use Octoput, wait for them to use/play it. And then do it on Turn 2.
However if you are against brainstorm/immortica and you don't have Galacta-Cactus, I would still drop it because you can start pressuring them with chip damage.
Generally Nut-Signal always because if you don't have Galacta-Cactus you really need to draw an early game card. Transmogrify can be used if you're really scared of a mini-ninja.

Turn 2

Planet of the Grapes
Generally you can just play this on the same lane as Galacta Cactus since it guarantee a card draw, however you shouldn't play it if you don't have a three drop since it can easily be replace and you lose a card.
Spikeweed Sector
If you have a Spikeweed Sector thats great! But don't play it if the zombie hero doesn't play any minions on the ground, this is because it can be easily replaced (essentially losing you a card) and the zombie hero can just avoid playing zombies in that lane. Use spikeweed sector to kill most zombie minions like Cyborg or use it to facecheck graves.
Sow Magic Beans
If you happen to have Sow Magic Beans and it's your only play/the zombie hero didn't spend any brains you can Sow your beans for card cycling and the potential to draw a Beanstalk later on.

The Mid-Game

Turn 3-4 is where you fall back on the back foot and play the response game. You can't really pressure the opponent but your 3/3 can contest the board fairly well. You should also start trying to spam cycle cards so that you can thin your deck so that you can draw your appropriate response cards.
Turn 5 is where you are the most vulnerable, at this point zombie minions can easily overpower your 3/3's so you have to play smartly so you don't make too many two for one trades, this can't really be described too well but you will get the feel for it after a few games.
After Turn 6 and the zombie hero doesn't have too big of an advantage, you should be in good shape. However if you fucked up/got unlucky, you can a) hit the panic button and use Doom-Shroom b) try to stall with Poppin' Poppies and your superpower so you can Zucchini and Wall-Nut Bowling c) stomach the hits and use leaf blower + shamrocket to take out a few high priority threats (Imp Mascot, DEnd, etc.).
However don't think that this deck is purely control, if you manage to get a few Beanstalks and Well Timed Cool Beans/Brainanas, you can easily wrest control the board, and use Poppin' Poppies to keep your minions alive. Winning off tempo is something that this deck can easily do as well.

The Late-Game

At this point you should be hoping to clear the ground lanes so that you can use wall-knight bowling.
You should also be more greedy with your Shamrokcets if you still have them at this moment.
Most of the time the zombie hero wants to use the tricks phase to close out the game, but then you can just spring your Braianana's and DMD and cuck them. Brainana and DMD are 70% of the time your win cons, and Wall-Nut Bowling is the other 20%.

Final Thoughts:

Obviously this deck is not perfect, at the moment I'm looking at whether or not Spyris is pulling its weight, and if you find success with Soul Patch/Gravebuster that's great!
I'll add the Matchups in the comments soon, as well as some gameplay pics!
And also... my AT2020 Finally arrived in the mail today! I have to move over the weekend but next week I can probably start streaming/starting a Youtube channel! Setup
submitted by SuraF to PvZHeroes [link] [comments]

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Promoting productivity (never listen) Colors Bring attention Promoting expressive mind images promoting DIFERENT MINDSETS
Can they see Imagination as Imagery or feel? If they feel only, is it a mix of both or only you?
Can they Go out of it?Not without Change How far can a normal Bitch Get your position?like age of empires villager behind the castle sillouette thing?
Their Spanning System is sit on top of creative people
Tempo toma conta do respeito, exchanging all my luck for skill
They Like:
- Mind Hygine: Cannot read out loud - Buda EMPTY comunal mindset (perplexive, do they even think loud? no they just feelit hollow . My theory is that they had "parasitical" pleasure overload they change sides): Keep flowing - Engagement Marriege: Keep Flowing, dont Cam -A bitch doesnt have a lot of Mind Sanitation or She wants more from the place she is. -that you loose mindtime to their replies.
What is A SmurfBitch?
-They feed on loneliness(timed loneliness), use human sounds to hook and fish people, they find fun in that game. -Saturated with info at the present time -Unstable - YOU CAN HAVE A SMURF BITCH % ,
Gullible to all info Repetition(movements) Being Self Concious
Bitches % Smurfs % Ticking offon people Repetition(Usefull/spam) Jungling(malabaras de todo)(lesiones de mi barrio) Connecting in a Normal Way time beats respect %of time WalkSitTalk EatSleep %being in bitchy mode (or for a bitch just the time they use to expell the word) Being Others Concious
Schwarzed Builder % Having a plan Sense of Logistics- Map, Objects Ticking off your goals Having productive movement flow Sense of time Seeing Limitations- Strenght, time Seeing Resources- Untapped inner resources Envisioning with Real parameters Making your people Happy Eating Properly % Not being barrierd by audio Idle time/ resting without moving
God Artists %
%Feeling Good, not the same Flows Dance moves %of time danceing,
Fullcuore Imagination(citta) , Smoking the Brain , letting the Colorfull girl Out , Wind bender - Physics - Samadi Physics (Crazy Reel) - Color memory (cosensed in this bitch)YOU - Sketcher Maestro (you) in combination with Present Senses And Downloaded Senses.
being in different mindsets Connecting positively Resting while Moving being with other`s transparently(even if others pulling your persiansi), /Experiencing not till treshold
DRealM Life Director%
Transitions between Jungling Life Sense of Person/comunnal Logistics Getting The Beast out of people (Unlocking people`s true Animal Potential)
Envisioning Concept Imagining Process to try Options Going Lucid in The Dream World(having a plan)
Shaman Buda %
Dance is (this is)
Hater is the safest lover, unlockable colars many
Inverted phonetics
Hardness Saudade
I tasted a burger today, it tasted lika banana.
Slow Walls
Law wall
wolf flow
murder redroom
ghetto albur
put your words in my mouthmind number noes special, nao me fodas
i dont exitheeth - kodak black framibody- everybody im from the Sqreek - Gucci mane Tchailence- shylence
For comunication Fornicaiton no for comunalemancipation of Soul.
Dreapsy (dream drip gypsi sea)
your buttons are sop smashed they dont popup. your melodie doesnt convince me cuz its sold out
Inspiration(*2kthagoon & BagTy - Friday The Perkteenth ) *Habbits,stairway of fetus spiral done to heaven.. it changes
Tell a story, dont lie on others,
a 1000 empty mares on your stare... im mime on the contraries.
Samelanin girls, I want to see, color some...
Bad tongues smurf, but good heads...
al this world is a pussy see seas sad sand zen niigas
people so goaled out of their fucking minds,
my pinkys chalk
You lived trough alh audiolife, with a shiiit of info that you spammed smashed like? if you stopped learning then why u tellin me?
-=You are the last remnant of ghost of america, being eaten from behond..
(criyolo) unugatota di bu madrinha Rusda Serv Pitchkaliti Matri Nos casa cozi ku tempo flee boy
Albur Come ou(on)t citta/ citano/ cheetah i can do this Loco
Reps mile mind mine mice mike trys drys cyan id girl guy ghoul game God is allon meGod is allow meGod is Ono(ff) meGod is tsunami
Cat really got to lick my sauce
Dotchuguese Trabejando bem gado domo obrigado gosaimasu ya bueda fish niggapao nao dizes nada ke`ke foi?
Tawaii Redrooms TINY black point white
Images for Flipbook
Lucky frog... green and psychedelic.
black clouds ,pangea deep oceanet , grow my clarinet ,
Matrioshka buddha mindsets , take it slowlinstantaneous , new mythological allegories, communally blured ,, gmoWORDS, GGmo , harmlesscomputerprogrammijng princess ,schizofrenic sincronicity, new dutchall p update, , free them all ,disrupted compliance ,paradigm binary genetical age, wiring humans, mutant mates , pokeman, eyes 2d like screens, data crunches me numbers are those/ binded man looking for the sun / su-much-about-yo-stomach ache, go / I+A.I+data > I //you're hungry eles devoram / Dark ages call / 4d print on every being touched, a weapon made of waves , love/ many masks on avatars / violence, vacuum/ dirty psychics/ some conscious / ascending with Ashen / Atomic robots thin me/ sworn to cheese, no mice / squeechy micy burn indeed/ negative alchemy bombed every skull / own the knight , ownshell , vacuum below ,i got no low , grow up, when you're a zombie you don't love / Spiky hierarchy /i got my Vs on my shoulders / clean lows /data vendis /automate your cyberc clicks / Psychedelic frogfish / 101 1021 kings of all data / don't X Y, YYWise words die / bigdataboy / binary glasses were lost to the masses/ automatic kafka / orbmorphed in phonetics / dark tongues 5 key piano strokes / orchestrating spammers / social tick ticking offs cool / Spam shrines \ butt chicks / I get your trains from god, but hes not driving there / Flakly psychedelic / city zen / quetzalcoatle on my shoes, running / invertebrate brain / All you got for me, no privacy / feminine beer soy rice / uplifting / allegorythms of co-sensing sinesthesis / Spam fallout / tasting with strangers/ 88 / Words fallout in my mind masked I by many who / Constant cromenometry beats, hearths / creation monkey / i can do this Loco / Blitzkrieg conciousness / Big Mopa / 8spammerTentacles / different melanine same color, pink bank / schleeping pills / innercity / mosquiquiter / inverted burkas / plasma neo guts / blindmagic - oralfishing /reverse burka magic / magitech espelhoshade / third cam / saucsnatcher / sauciere / idle imagination usage for advantage / they resuming to their last port-olio / im so outside the box i feel like splinter cell / Sad true Rated / ZOOLOGIC HIDES ZOOLOGY, THATS my personal tasstry / new mythical allegories, in the black clouds, why dont you dive in. / thats good to shroom on / 8tentacles of love / Enteric Republic / SauceAvant / hyper targeting, im going nich new, ich you/ agile use of data / Sauced out im gonna keep my dancing / bunch of sauced out asados genius make playlist 2 ... never listen / you can google my guts when i´m just asleep, microverbally I will anwser with a moan / How are you guts? / my Highpeak is so alone / The world is a Female Resting place / mindcosts / tewntyfull / vanilla niggas/ they all diss... i dont listen neitherland/
Go out of the main take a leak peak\
Social psychologyZEN NIGGA / space times diamonds / je ne parle pas le bleu / im innit 2 deep... i a 4 D / your buttons are so smashed they dont popup. your melodie doesnt convince me cuz its sold out
bring time into spatial vizualize folders or of trees , augmented, gain time,
to see the growing tree, and imagine how many types of cats eyes , hygienernergy
Placement times Dance makes the Universe
change perspective, change numbers, gta gtb riding girl`s car,
Human Neuronal 4d Photoshop Vegas(Dark) things Tajmahal Saintpetersburg SacredGaudi Aladin Palace feathermatress tiger stealing fusing portal jumpp platform imaginarybasecamp kawaii cat Duster! jellyfish Mantaray UnderwaterCaves kawaiicave Brilloscuro addX inner world inner city SoundCastle repn0
Artists on my mind Joana vasconcelos Ernesto Neto Verner panthon Parametrized Softwaric JKRolling Japan The Rainbow Gathering instaTantra
Draw Aero Drag water cloths ballsmoke smoke curves underwater Coral eels
Brainstorming phonetics wordEvo rap ImageflippingFusion Fusion 4DPeeShopMovie
Sci fi
swat drones mega hiper super jump galaxy dust magic rug lionesses hufflepuff hocuspocu post research singularitease aliens zion babylon tower pizza random pandoras schmetterling mariposa papillon platipus black paper time genie die acrylic dive whirlwind gust earthquake frood mudblood Mecho soma wine downloads from heaven grassed out confusticate glock burst silensor rick n morty fusion database biobase voodoo poodoo cuture designer fashion chic luxurious trips psychedelic neo zeitgeist morphed progesteronicutopian force of sature hard like liquid dies google glass gangsta gheghis mane horse communal silence buddha gueisha inner city Miss.Shakespear Amazonic avatar emancipation womancipation Glitched Clark`s Laws hacked production brains voluntary for the banks kiloyear light sail air bender Matrioshka brain tween frodo gamgee liquid diamond megastructure so unreal, megayear (n.) masks robes desguises mindfood prayingMantis nanotech parking orbit precog pocket universcity posthuman psi replicant sapient sentience space elevator glassed topopolis uplift xenology khaleesi lesson turncloak oathswiper Swiper DirtmagicMuggles electrons dragon balls genie co op
Elastic cyan Pass maintnance security prototype parachute test feel japan soft gooey air cushions tails 4d printing wireless bluethooth flags magnetic leggins rorshark 4d fluid 3d selfie from space cellphones medievil cold trigger sintony symbiose rythm insulation userexperienced sofa art research color pigments guiniea rice fields chinese maths kanji hiragana shields sails ships navio caravela chained rope semitransparent genes eva garden shi space transic drones flying hovering airtrick forces straps velcro
Main siip Non confrontational characters world category
Razurers Underliner Imitators Playforths DubbedArtists ErronicReps TalkingSinger OldDilemmaSpamers Analwatcher Boring jabbas Annoying crier Pongmonkeys Good doggers NaziPetOwners the neverlegos BitchBitchers RadarExplorers SexsOrientDiscoveries SexyWatchers Time tidies(too much) Sexy(not so)Ironic girly moans StayAshoreWeirdoes LikeScalers ShooterReferees deadBabyCleaners FingerFilosophers Editors GirlyPassEye getting teleported to GirlyLaughWorld SewingConnectors no facer
restau hunt Selfie Drivetrough buy it online 5 yearis Old Swipe cockcoughing Bitching2bitch UntappedGenius SaturatedAudioWorld Walksitalkin Cars spam the loader Zedbrains, melted dicks and gold on CommunalWipe Swippers duckface MuesliMilk Bluescreen-Nato words nonColapsingfloors CloroformianHymns SoapyBitches
Your culture
Mazin Lost boy ,yo googles all rice
getting lost in the citta
maya`s seeds of suicide
hitchhiking , towel
shroom ground
Freeganing , trash dive
Rasta brainding braided timers
Vulture Spam, the plague hides When I peak
old dilemas die hard
Washing machines
Soaked in worldly Vaginal fluid, C secction Vagina is everywhere
military washing
3dmashup brush wash
theme washit with
Reflex watch
sourcream banana honey icecream, /
Gayner polymer
pikachu pokeballs free them all Zelda? peaches n luigis shroomedup Orphic
LoverBo Loud LoV
Shes a K milimiters away from you I'm just gay enough for you girl/ youre just sad enough for my vales, OM she's so cute! [did] She's sucked you? (shes so cute?) that girl's braille touched me in a way my blind head ela quer poesia Sou artche todo dia
1. Blooming 2. Bonny 3. Boazona 4. beaunijeune 5. Celestial 6. Chic 7. chuckly lips 8. Classy 9. Comely 10. Cracking 11. Dandy 12. Dashing 13. Dazzling 14. Dragonair 15. So Electable Cutie 16. Discerning Curator before ascention 17. Divine 18. Elegant 19. Elysian 20. Enticing 21. Enchanting 22. Entrancing 23. Empyrean 24. Ethereal 25. Exalted 26. Exquisite 27. Fabulous 28. Fancy 29. Felicitous 30. Fetching 31. Five-star 32. Flawless 33. Fly 34. Fulgent 35. Foxy 36. Gilded 37. Glittering 38. Glorious 39. Gold-star 40. Gorgeous 41. Grand 42. Hallowed 43. Humdinger 44. Hypnotic 45. Incandescent 46. Incomparable 47. Ineffable 48. Irresistible 49. Lambent 50. Lissome 51. Lovely 52. Luscious 53. Lustrous 54. Magnificent 55. Magnetic 56. Majestic 57. Medal-worthy 58. Mesmerising 59. Out-of-this-world 60. Peachy 61. Polished 62. Prime 63. Pulchritudinous 64. Radiant 65. Rakish 66. Ravishing 67. Refulgent 68. Resplendent 69. Revered 70. Seraphic 71. Smoking 72. Snazzy 73. Spellbinding 74. Spiffy 75. Splendid 76. Staggering 77. Stately 78. Sterling 79. Statuesque 80. Splendiferous 81. Striking 82. Stunning 83. Sublime 84. Superb 85. Sweet 86. Taking 87. Tantalising 88. Top-notch 89. Unequalled 90. Unsurpassed 91. Winsome 92. Wondrous
popballon voodoo poodoo cuture designer fashion chic luxurious mines ballons spam words watercloth
Your pile of shits of paper grows.... and the forest?
Guetto lines Diss lesiones de mi barrio... por que lo que te repetes... respiro de silencio una bez If you missed Im so viscous.. lower theeth imprinted on my lips Ctrl V victory 4 ever your looks suck on me
you make fun of me cuz I dance like this? WHY ARE YOU STANDING UP IF YOU NEVER STOOD FOR ANYTHING?
elvik nae saian luume - it has been too long
Darkest T pink bank bitch you volunteer for the wich , which is kinder Not Emotional Time junkies pussy taste pro....gesterone in your brain everyone is a sensor of your Phone, where`s your human dieuxmon at?shatter it trough the cam glass shade... Dont dice me, im plannified rubiks cube , planiffied Qs, don’t script me girl
Evil(lotion) >) dermaskin human close, see through down all of you bones i dont ctrl V me are you n
We are still falling from the worldtradeC... please shut up and hold my hand for a minute
Mexico coco peyote im yung in my chest luciernagas cuatemoc quetzalcoate pacheco mi kasa es tu kafka eu soy un indio, tengo 3 cortes de cullo-nizador Come out of the tepee cortes la cultura mexicana gobal tiene una inercia proporciaonal a su mutilacion de especias happy wey day ma`s qui pedo, mae?
Esunny go Tinder find a party make a porno get healthy dont you stop it
Hocus Pocu Fearshi Out! ridiculous
Toilet Ring Frodo Im learning the abc , and youre falling behind ,Rollo
I dont really get this culture im the closest to the mice i dont talk to the hive
Terms to search and extract words (Wikipedia)
máthēma, "knowledge, study, learning" are quantity patterns conjectures abstraction and logic systematic study counting ,calculation measurement by rigorous in pure mathematics weaving patterns Neo Golden Age of Islam Draw girls we write Arabic like that Persian math
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Classic vs. Vanilla WoW - Graphics Comparison - YouTube THE TRUTH ABOUT BINARY OPTIONS - YouTube Difference Between Forex and Binary Options Trading ... This is how to trade Binary Options Full Time! - YouTube Binary vs Vanilla Payoffs and Predictions: An error in the ... What are Vanilla Options? - YouTube The Advantages Edge of Binary Over Vanilla Option Binary Options in the U.S in 2020! - YouTube FOREX VS BINARY OPTIONS 2020! - YouTube What Are Binary Options? - YouTube

Binary Options vs. Vanilla Options in Forex Trading. January 6, 2014 (Last updated on February 11, 2016) by Andriy Moraru. According to my last year’s poll about 15% of this blog’s readers use binary options and in their currency trading. 15% also use other types of financial options to trade Forex. Although it is not much compared with the popularity of the spot market, the options can be ... Vanilla Options vs Binary Options: What You Should Know. July 14, 2019 by Steve. In investing, an option gives you the right to buy or sell a security by a specific date. Options have different payouts, which means you can speculate on a security in different ways. Vanilla puts or calls are something most investors are familiar with. But binary options are something that often carry unique ... There are much traders of options vanilla vs options binary number as skilled indicators apart believe that by keeping the physical by investments the market of assets stap. Fundamentally, vs there is one total asset regarding binary options that i want to address call at the option of this contract and that is money een. Thus, when line, integrals, or cows are released into the such asset, a ... The difference between normal Option (also called Vanilla Option) and Binary Option can be understood by taking a look at the payoffs. Payoff refers to profit/loss to buyer/seller of option at different prices of the underlying asset). Vanilla O... Vanilla Options vs Binary Options. September 26, 2015 11:46 am. In todays market, investors can often get confused with the various trading instruments and products available on the market, especially to retail investors. Options trading has been around for some time, its main focus in the beginning was on institutional investors and slowly this focus moved to more retail or casual investors ... Why Vanilla Options are better than Binary Options: Vanilla Options can be traded right from the moment you entered into a trade and salvage some money if you have got yourself into a losing trade. Whereas in case of Binary Options, you have to wait for the expiry and once a position is opened, you have to wait for either of the outcomes. There is no middle ground. Vanilla Options can be ... Binary Options are neither European nor American options in nature, unlike vanilla options. All binary options is concerned with is the fixed payout. Another major difference between these two is the expiration time. Like mentioned above, vanilla options expire once a month. On the other hand, binary options have varied expiry times ranging from a few seconds to many months. This offers ... Vanilla options (or plain vanilla options) give traders the right to buy or sell forex and other assets at a predetermined price in the future. This article covers definitions and types, including European style options, plus the strategies used to execute trades. We’ll also go through an example, before weighing up the pros and cons of trading vanilla options. In Binary Options payout is fixed ,in Vanilla options payout is Dynamic, based on the underlying asset price. 3.Expiration: In Binary Options there are variety of expiration terms: end of day, hourly and even shorter expiration like 15 min binaries are available while in Vanilla Options expiration is once a month. 4.Execution: Binary Options can’t be exercised before expiry ,Vanilla Options ... Binary Options vs. Vanilla Options. If you ask a professional trader about currency or other asset options, he/she will assume you are talking about a vanilla option or some exotic form of it (e.g. one touch, no touch, etc.). On the other hand, if you ask a retail trader about options, he/she will likely assume you are talking about binary ...

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Classic vs. Vanilla WoW - Graphics Comparison - YouTube

With the same ability make profit over 1000%, Binary Higher/Lower trading have more advantages edge over Vanilla Option Trading. Read more detail... 💰💲FULL BEGINNER? Join My PERSONAL TRAINING!💴💵 BLW Trading Academy: Live Trading Signals HERE!🔙💲💹Join My ... Are binary options a good idea? If you're thinking about trading binary options, watch this video first. Check out our FREE training for traders https://bi... LCG now offers the opportunity to trade vanilla options. New to trading options? This video will take you through the basics of put and call vanilla options.... A graphics comparison between World of Warcraft: Classic vs. World of Warcraft Vanilla (1.12 Patch) in Evelyn Forest, The Barrens, Ashenvale and Teldrassil. ... 💰💲FULL BEGINNER? Join My PERSONAL TRAINING!💴💵 BLW Trading Academy: Live Trading Signals HERE!🔙💲💹Join My ... This is how I have traded Binary for the past 3 years. Thank you for watching my videos, hit the subscribe button for more content. Check out our members res... The Difference Between Forex and Binary Options Trading - Binary Option vs Forex Trading Tutorial. Follow the link below to create a FREE Practice Account: h... Binary options are form of options trading based on a yes or no question. Try binary options today at: You're either right... Micro-Mooc on a paper by Taleb and Tetlock (one manifestation of the LUDIC FALLACY). There are serious statistical differences between predictions, bets, and...